Monday, January 10, 2011

True Grit

We saw "True Grit" this weekend.
It was superb.

I know that I've seen the original sometime in my distant memory.  Don't remember anything about it.  But I loved this one.

I thought it was pretty brave of the Coen brothers to take on such a classic.  Some things are just better left undisturbed and unaltered.  I'm glad they were brave.

I thought it was even braver for Jeff Bridges to assume the identity of Rooster Cogburn, one of John Wayne's most memorable characters.  He was fantastic.

The main reason I loved this movie?
Rooster Cogburn seemed sneakingly familiar to me.  Not his eye patch or perpetual drunkenness or surly attitude.  His familiarity with horses and the country and the elements.  His telling stories while riding through the mountains.  His calling Maddie "Sis."

Rooster Cogburn is a rougher imagination of someone I hold very close to my heart. Someone I love dearly.

I remember riding through the mountains of Idaho, listening to my dad tell stories, or whistle, or yodel--the sound echoing ahead of us.  I know how much he loves his horses and traipsing through the mountains in any weather.  And I'll never forget that my dad always calls me "Sis."

He was born in the wrong generation, my dad.  The wrong century.
And with the wrong name, I reckon.
Reed Tucker just doesn't hold the same swagger as Rooster.
Love you, Dad.

Go see this movie.  If not for me, do it for my dad.


  1. Wasn't it great!! Just one of those movies you leave the Theater and think - Oh yeah, that one was worth the price of admission!

    The old True Grit was on TV over the weekend. I had never seen it. It was fun to compare. I definately love this new version and the new Rooster. The new movie does remain very close to the original. It was fun to see.

    That is cute that your Dad is a real cowboy!

  2. P.S. I like your new family pictures on your header :-D

  3. That was lovely.
    I didn't like the first version, but am assured that I'll love this, I'll see it and let you know.

  4. my grandpa used to call my mom "sis". . .haven't thought about that in a long time, thanks for the smile! I needed one tonight!

  5. It was such a good movie - I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would! I love how you depict your dad - and anyone who loves his horses is close to perfect in my book!

  6. That's cute. And really, I still can't wrap my head around you being a country girl, or your Dad being a total cowboy. Wierd.

  7. New things that remind us of loved things are the best. R's family has cowboy tendencies, too, so I'm betting he'll love it. Have a happy Tuesday!

  8. We do want to go. I think we'll try to get there this weekend.

    Glad you liked it! And how fun that it reminded you of your dad.


  9. I can't wait to see it! I have heard so many good reports of it. My hubbie gals our girls sis endearing! :D

  10. oh my gosh my husband and I want to see it so badly! Question though, is it as dark and disturbing as No Country for Old Men? That movie wrecked me for a couple of days, and I'm afraid this one will do the same...

  11. My hubby just saw it and said it was great . . . I'm excited to see it!

  12. I can't tell you the last movie I saw..that wasn't kid related. I love Jeff Bridges. Maybe Steve and I can sneak out this weekend and go

  13. i didn't see the movie, but i sure do love this sweet tribute to your dad ... thanks for sharing!

  14. If he doesn't say heber, he's not Grandpa.

  15. Haha, I love Tucker's comment.

  16. I haven't seen it yet.
    I keep hearing good things about it.
    My hubs gets home this weekend, we'll have to take in a movie.

    Mountains of Idaho?
    Ya, they are beautiful aren't they?

  17. I so want to see this movie.
    I have heard so many good things
    Enjoy the day

  18. We saw it last weekend too and just loved it! Saw the original and it was better than that, which doesn't happen very often!
    Love the pic of you and your dad...what a sweet memory!!!

  19. I've been wanting to see this, and now that I've heard a good review I'll for sure go (for your dad too)

  20. now we know why you have a boot addiction! very sweet post Jen! cathy