Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What is currently hanging from your entry ceiling? Is it  coin purse?  Me too!

Quirky Pickings has given me the irresistibly sweet blog award. Aww. Shucks. Me? And all because of my dozen kids. That doesn't make me sweet. It makes me ornery. Forgive her.  She's not a parent yet.

Four sweet indulgences:
How about four funny kid things?

Micah, unsuccessfully trying to bounce Brad's globe (pictured above in its fractured state): "I was trying to bounce it, like a basketball." Nice try, Dude.

Benjamin, after discovering yet another decorative accessory unfamiliar to him on the shelf: "Where did you get this? Tchotchkes.com?" To which I guffawed, then he added: "If you look up 'awesome' in the dictionary, in parenthesis for origin, it says (Ben Denton)." Don't you love it when someone is really teaching your kids in school? Thanks, Ms. Martin. Best English teacher I know. Then he asked me if that comment was blog-worthy.  Uh, YEAH! (new accessory: He correctly identified it as a sharp!  Piano lessons pay off, folks!)

Lily. Let me preface this statement with a small family tradition: In the past few months, maybe six, we've started family dinner with each member telling their best and worst of the day. Hyrum's worst for the past week has been my broken arm. Sweet kid.
Anyway, for dinner last night, Lily told her best and worst. Don't remember. Then, she cleared her plate and went outside to swing on the rope swing. A few minutes later, she came in the house, barely able to breathe, because the swing had broken. She was really hurt, but luckily not broken. About three minutes later, she quipped, "I want to change my worst thing for today." I had to stifle my laughter as I nursed her back to health with some Advil and an ice pack.

"Are you really going to jump on the tramp with us? You never do that!" And there are two reasons for that--eight pregnancies and a 41-year-old bladder. But tonight I just said, "D*** the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" Plus, I was wearing leggings and a long shirt-dress. No one knew the difference!

Always something funny going on around here.  And if we're not enough to keep you entertained, check out Tucker's blog.  He thinks he's pretty funny.  Problem is--he is.

Thanks, Jen, for the award.  I'll try to be sweeter from now on.


  1. LOVE Ms. Martin!!!! :) She really is a fantastic teacher.

  2. I love that musical sharp thing. (And that it's sharing the shelf with Ender In Exile.)

  3. Hi Jen, couldn't help but wonder about the broken globe and if there was any connection between the fact I could see an upside New Zealand and the massive devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch in the South Island of NZ. We are all in shock here and the first images we saw on tv brought back memories of 9-11 to many of us. In no way can it compare with the loss of life suffered in NY but for our small nation it is as our Prime Minister said "NZ's darkest day". My husband has been sent there to assist medically by the army - he is in our reserve force. Please keep the people of NZ and Christchurch in your prayers. Thanks, Cath

  4. Laughing at Lily!!
    Too cute, but hope she's ok!
    Have a happy day

  5. Now you can use that open Globe to hide your treasures.

  6. Ben....Love that kid.

    And i totally feel ya on the jumping on the tramp thing. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

  7. Jumping on the tramp - this Nana did it the last time I visited.....I hope I don't have to make a repeat appearance!

  8. Things sound constantly entertaining at you house......like every single minute!

    Your kids are pretty funny.

    You are right, the music lessons so paid off.

  9. I'll have you know that you just ruined my "no tears all day" goal with the nursing post...! Motherhood is a bloodsport!

  10. GREAT great stories, Jen - the broken globe might be my favorite, I had to laugh - the visual was hilarious!!

  11. it's because you keep entertaining me with these stories, m'dear. :]

  12. I love Mrs. Martin!!!!! I was her "Ice Cream Princess" (because I ate a whole carton of ice cream in one hour as a thirteen year old girl.....)

    And our family does the "best part of the day" thing too! at least...we used to. love those kids :)

  13. What's the deal? A globe is round like a ball. Should bounce like one. Don't see the problem. Just a misunderstanding. I'd like to spend some time laughing at your house.

  14. How can you say you're not sweet with that post from yesterday just under this one? HOW?

    My point has been made. Thank you.