Monday, February 28, 2011

DIY Week Post #2

 Cast your vote:  Trash or Treasure?

I've been so excited to share this project with you.  But it's taken me forever to get around to editing all the pictures.  FOREVER!
Remember yesterday's post when I told you I'd had my eye on two treasures?  This, my friends, is the second treasure (and this is the one that made me think of you, Julie!)

There were so many pictures that I had to collage them. (If you click on the image, they will get a little bigger.)  Here goes:  It's a vintage steamer trunk.
 Isn't it fantastic?  The sticker inside dates this trunk to November 1922.  And completely intact, including all the hangers and original velvet coverings.  And in PRISTINE condition.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  But I couldn't think of anything I could do with it, so I left it at Qcumberz.

Fast forward ten days:  I channeled my inner Julie Johnson (great blogging friend who is the queen of creative decorating--loved her antique skis that she uses as a banister to her basement), and realized I had the perfect use for this.

Ben helped me haul it upstairs (pre-broken scaphoid), and I proceeded to clean--it smelled like 90 years of dust.  I vacuumed and wiped.  I Febrezed and sacheted.  I lined drawers with scented paper and hung cedar  bars.  Then, it was ready.  Wanna see what I did?

The trunk has become my accessory chest!
Drawers for earrings and rings. Drawers for pins and watches.
And the two big drawers on the bottom?  My ever-expanding collection of baseball caps and exercise equipment (iPod, yoga mat, stupid biking shoes).

The entire right side of the trunk--that's the BEST part. The velvet front cover folds up or down easily to protect its contents from curious little fingers. The trunk came with all of its original hangers, so I used the back hangers for my scarves, and the long U-shaped hangers?  I added S-hooks to the top and I hung all my necklaces from them.

Evie's already learning to accessorize!

The single drawer on the right side I reserved for all of my precious letters--from family, from friends.  A few from my man.  One day, I'll tie them all with ribbon and categorize them.  For now, they're at least safe.

After I'd spent an entire day organizing, I showcased it all for Brad. What was his comment? "It looks like an Anthropologie display." What does that say about Brad? #1--He knows how to give a compliment. #2--He's been inside Anthropologie. #3--He appreciates Anthropologie. He's mine!

One last collage of images:

Two different sets of initials on the top: VCN and V.I.C.  I think V.I.C must have married N.  That's my guess.

Your vote?  Trash or Treasure?

Thanks, Kelly.  I love the trunk. Never would have found it without you.  Thanks, Julie.  I never would have figured out how to use it if I hadn't thought, "What would Julie do with this?"

Think of the stories this piece has to tell.  Linking up to Sugar Bee's Take a Look Tuesday, Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, and anti-procrastination Tuesday.  Sorry it's taken me three weeks to get these pictures edited.  Hope it was worth the wait.
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  1. Great idea! I never have enough storage space for necklaces and earrings...which means they don't always get worn.

  2. What a great find! I seem to remember you like to go to special second hand stores. Remember Chicago?

  3. No doubt about it - treasure. I love how you've re-purposed it!

  4. JEN! This is so so so wonderful! This was a truly inspired idea! I am so in awe of you right now.

  5. That is LURVLEY!!!!!
    You are too creative!

    Did Brad get the wheel hung yet?

    His comment yesterday made me laugh!

  6. Incredible! I would have never thought to use it this way, but when I saw it I thought "of course"! Great job :)

  7. Holy Crow...this is a treasure indeed. I will tell you that things like this just aren't made anymore and if they are they cost a small fortune.
    It reminds me of Harry Potter's trunk in a way (minus the jewelry and scarves of course).
    What a fun find.

  8. Awesome. But I would've filled it with pirates' gold.

  9. Jen this is just plain awesome!!
    It looks amazing...and I agree with Brad, straight out of Anthropologie.
    Have a happy day

  10. treasure! treasure! treasure! LOOOOOOVE what you did with it, you clever girl!!!

  11. Oh, this is totally a treasure! Just reading about the many drawers and compartments it has and seeing all the fabulous photos makes me want one too. Definitely a keeper and if you ever feel like you don't want it around the house anymore, I'm happy to take it off your hands :)

  12. You are amazing! I LOVE this find...and love what you did with it too! Totally Anthro, and yes, totally something fun and crazy that I would do. You've inspired me to think outside the box today dear Jen. :)
    Hugs to you,

  13. You are a genius Jen! I would never have thought in a million years to use it this way! You definately have a treasure on your hands!

  14. love it. . .don't ya wonder what stories that trunk could tell.. .maybe how it made it way out west in Arizona!

    Great use for it!

  15. You're so clever--now it can be a heirloom in your family!

  16. Are you keeping it open or do you close it every time?

    I miss Qcumbers. I'd only been there a handful of times, but there was ALWAYS something to love.


  17. Wow -- what a great find! I just read an article in Better Homes and Gardens (I think) about refurbishing old trunks.
    Love it! :)

  18. Again - love the innovation. I love to use things in ways that they weren't originally intended. Beautiful solution for your accessories and odds and ends! Well done.

  19. this is fantastic!! i LOVE it. :]

  20. Total TREASURE!! I am so J.E.A.L.O.U.S!!!! I want one :) xoxo

  21. Oh wow Jen! What a great find! It is fabulous as is how you repurposed it! Very clever!

    ~ Tracy

  22. Treasure Jen! I love the old trunk. It's romantic! And I love how you have utilized it too!~Ames

  23. I love it- so stinking creative! It reminds me of those ever useful and fabulous trunks in Joe vs the Volcano!

  24. That is all KINDS of fabulousity! My little ballerina would be all over it though. Not only does she get suspended from the school bus, but she steals all my jewelry and shiny things. This trunk would be crack to her.

    I LOVE IT! Great job!

    So glad you popped over and introduced yourself. Looking forward to hanging with you too. :)

  25. Amazing! Love it-genius idea

  26. Uh--- treasure!!!!!!!!!! So envious!

  27. so good to see you at AP Tuesday! Thanks for linking up!

  28. That trunk is amazing! I have been looking for one just like it! There must be a company still making ones like this? I would treasure that find if I were you! It's beautiful!

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