Sunday, February 27, 2011

DIY Week around the Sanatorium

Cast your vote! Trash or treasure?

I've had quite a few projects lurking just below my consciousness and no time to address them. But I took a little time this weekend, and here are the results.

This first one is still a work in progress. And my mom and sisters may sigh when they see it. Dad will understand.
Can you guess what it is from this picture?

How about this one?

Here's a little history:

I discovered this little thrift store in Phoenix about a month ago--Qcumbers.  My friends Laura and Kelly just opened a booth there, and my curiosity got the better of me.  Kelly does great stuff with garage sale and thrift store finds, check out their blog if you don't believe me--My Dear Trash.

Mom, Karen, and Alisa--FYI this is NOT a wagon wheel. It is a CARRIAGE wheel. It's completely different from Dad's wheel. 

Notice all the layers of paint--I've found a clear shellac, a red, and a blue.  This thing must have been stunning in its day.  Picture it spinning behind a beautiful matching set of grays, pulling a Jane Austen hero and heroine to a party . . .  sigh.
And it's in fantastic shape.  Really.  I've seen wheels and cogs like this in the Pottery Barn catalog for the last few months and I've secretly coveted them.  When I saw this wheel at Qcumbers, I immediately thought of the huge empty wall in my entry.  It would be perfect there!
Lily took this picture.  Can you believe how she perfectly centered Evie's head?  Maybe the girl has a future in photography!

Back to the story.  I didn't think Brad would agree with this crazy idea, so I left my discovery at the store.

I stewed about it.  I thought about it.  I may have actually even dreamed about it.  A week and a half later, I decided to make the 35-minute trek back to Phoenix to see if it (and another little treasure I'd had my eye on) was still there.  It was.  It took me about 33 seconds to demand that it become mine.
I can't wait until it's mounted on the wall.. See where it's going to go?  But I need Brad's help.  Broken scaphoid, wood flight of stairs, heavy wheel.  Not a series of facts that align to me doing this project on my own.  But it's great even just sitting there.

What do you think?  Trash or treasure?


  1. oh yeah i like that!

  2. Please note, dear reader, that during the 10 days that Jenny was considering whether to purchase this alleged treasure, she didn't once bring it up with the guy who'd have to hang this, uh, thingamajig, on the wall. Just sayin'.

  3. Totally treasure.
    If your hubs doesn't get it hung in time I'll be over to take it off your hands.
    I love it.
    I love it even more since it has all those layers of paint. I would SO love to know all the fancy people in their fancy cloths that must have worn it.

    Way to go.
    Perfect place to put it too.

  4. I just read what Brad he whining?

  5. treasure for sure!! love those layers of paint ... oh, if that wheel could tell it's stories!!

  6. Carriage wheel, wagon wheel, to each his own. I definitely prefer Jane Austen over John Wayne. I thought I put up with the wagon wheel quite admirably. It was dusting it that was the biggest pain.

  7. I think there is some other story in this. . .dad and his wagon wheel?:)

    I love Brad's comment, because David would so say something similar, and I would definately get an eye roll from him!

  8. Definitely treasure!

  9. Treasure. unless you had to pay a huge amount for it.

  10. This is a treasure...and must be the purchase you hinted at to me. I love it! Tell your dh to use some heavy wall anchors. All will be good. My dh has hung such crazy things for me over the years. :)

  11. Treasure, treasure, treasure!



  12. I think it's funny that you addressed your mom and sisters specifically! I actually have always loved things that have character and especially old things. The fact that it is a carriage does make it interesting and it is quite beautiful in my eyes. The colors on it are quite cool and I think you are right- that is the perfect spot!

  13. So pretty AND you have a place for it- so treasure.

    Brad- I've seen what you can do, it's a no brainer- just sayin'

  14. Oh, treasure for sure. Just think of the places that wheel has been! It will add interest, texture, and color to an otherwise blank spot. Lovely find!

  15. It speaks to you, so I say go for it! You will love it on the wall.

  16. Jen, You know what I'm going to say! What an eye you have. I go to Qcumberz every week and never saw the wheel- I'm now repeating in my mind "thou shalt not covet, though shall not covet, though shall..." Great find. Maybe our Mr. Rights can get together for a whine session!

  17. Definitely treasure! That wheel looks like it's in fantastic condition too (as in no major damages). It's going to look so amazing hanging on that wall. Just make sure Brad secures it very well onto the wall! Don't want it to come crashing down!