Friday, February 25, 2011

Foto Friday--Two Hardest Subjects at Our House

Ever tried to photo pets? How about toddlers? How about together?
I tried to get a few shots of these two playing together, and I could never quite get it to work . . .

"Do I really have to pose with this crazy baby?"  Roxy's going gray. 
Occupying herself under my desk and destroying everything in her wake.
Roxy finally got sick of it and retreated to her bed.  Evie didn't care.
"Please, Doggie? Please?"
"Fine. I'm outta here."

I am not really a dog lover. I am a person with stewardship over a dog.
And Roxy has valley fever. It's rough in humans and in dogs. I think it's isolated to our valley--some fungus in the soil that gets in your lungs.
She's been under treatment for over two months now. $30 a month for her meds. And she's not any better. Sigh.



  1. I have to say - Evie is WAY cuter than Roxie. Sorry she has valley fever.

  2. Sorry to hear the dog is sick. That's a major drag.


  3. We're having a valley fever outbreak here in central Ca too. I wonder why.

  4. What a beautiful dog. Our Rufus tolerates my little one as well.

    Gotta love that valley fever. Suck ya dry!

  5. Sweet baby AND dog. I had dogs for years. I love them but the freedom of NOT having them is sweet too. Plus, they make my husband's sinuses close up.

  6. Poor Roxy. I'm sorry. Roxy is so precious. Love those eyes.

  7. Yes, Evie is a whole lot cuter than Roxie, but I have a soft spot for dogs...and those eyes.....

  8. poor roxy! :( bless her heart.
    btw, i LOVE your bright walls! as in, i UBER-HEART them! ::hugs::
    happy friday night. :)

  9. I had no idea you had a dog: she is incredible. My kids are DYING for a dog.

    And pictured with Evie: pure gold.

  10. Two of my married kids have boxers.
    Their eyes will get ya everytime.
    One of them is even named Roxy.

    Looks like Roxy is totally over Evie.
    I think it is a little funny.

    She's a pretty baby girl.

  11. Poor sick doggie- I hope she gets better soon. But I bet the two of them have some great adventures

  12. sorry to hear that poor roxy is sick - i have a dear friend who got valley fever during a trip to AZ a few years ago - it was quite serious, ultimately she needed thoracic surgery, yikes! hope roxy fares better!

  13. so cute Pam...both of them!

  14. So sorry about the valley fever! The dog I had as a kid had it and it would come and go for a long time! Hope she gets better soon.
    Now, this is pretty random, but... The picture of the back of Evie's head made me think of it. You said something in an old post about trimming Evie's hair, it looks good. Did you do it yourself? Who cut it? Anne's is getting kind of crazy and I'm trying to decide if I should trim it.

  15. Evie's got personality in the first picture. Cute, even though I wish we could see the other side of her face!

    And I agree with Grandma... I like Evie better than Roxy! Surprise surprise, right? ;)

  16. Poor Roxie. Hope she recovers soon! I never even knew you had a pet!

    Walking and exploring Evie is just too cute :)

  17. All I kept noticing was the pink of Evie's sweater against that great green wall. Forget Roxy. I want to see more of Evie in pink against the wall. It makes her eyes pop too. I'm starting to drool just thinking about the possibilities. Sorry, just can't help myself sometimes.