Friday, February 4, 2011

No Foto on Friday--Story Time

It was twenty-one degrees below normal here yesterday.

Before you stop reading and get disgusted at what that actual number must have been, I want you to think of what twenty-one degrees below your normal temperature for this time of year would be. See? It's cold, no matter what the number is.

I just couldn't get warm yesterday. I wore tights and boots and my alpaca sweater to teach my class. And I was still intermittently blowing on my hands and wiggling my toes to keep the blood circulating.

And I was tired. I've been so tired this week. A little bit of sick, a little bit of hormones, and a little bit of blah all tied into one tired package.

It was 1:12 pm, and I walked into my bedroom to change out of my tights and boots and alpaca sweater. Before turning into my closet, I noticed the way the sunlight was streaming through my bedroom window, bathing my window seat in the most glorious, toasty light. I lit the fire, found a blanket, tipped the blinds so that the light was just so, and I curled up like a kitten in the puddle of sunshine.

Tights, boots, alpaca sweater and all.

Fast forward to 2:23 pm, and somewhere in my subconscious I heard kids' voices. Time to be mom.

I was finally warm.

Have that kind of weekend.


  1. I loved this, Jen.
    When my children were babies I'd always nap when they did - I'd find a puddle of sunshine, just as you described.
    I hope you stay warm all weekend and indeed, have that kind of weekend!

  2. I'm trying to enjoy the puddling sunshine before I have to avoid it.

  3. so happy you had an hour to warm up. Wish you could come over for a cup of tea! Happy weekend my friend

  4. Sounds lovely.

    We're supposed to have a warm weekend in the low 70s. I'm looking forward to opening all the windows and pretending it's spring.


  5. Jen, THAT is the kind of weekend I want!
    I am so envious of the fire!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Yes, 21 degrees below normal would be cold.

    I think that your description of your "moment" of silence sounds absolutely heavenly!

    I hope you stay warm and have lots of fun stuff to do all weekend as well.

  7. It's so true how temperature is relevant. I never understood how 50 degrees could be so cold, until I moved to Arizona! Or for that matter how 95 could be a "nice" summer day! I wish someone had snapped a picture of you curled up for Foto Friday-or at least a picture of that Alpaca sweater. Loved the picture you created with your words, sounds heavenly! Loved yesterday's notes by the way, miss that darn class soooo much.

  8. It's extremely cold here too, barely above freezing and has been raining solid all day long. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a little spot of sunshine right now!

  9. I "get" that feeling...heck, I'm feeling that way NOW!! Just babysat our grandson and sent him home and the zzz monster sounds good right about now...but to be warm in the cold is such a sweet blessing! I just read Sue's comment about it being 70///wow! That would be too fun!!!

  10. I miss the sunshine- he's been neglecting these parts lately. I'm glad he's smiling somewhere

  11. Thank You so much for a great lesson once again. I cant tell you much I enjoy your class. I appreciate your hard work!

  12. Tired? Little bit sick? Little bit hormonal? Little bit blah? Evidently we're both suffering from the same affliction - it's like swimming in molasses! Glad you got recharge in a little corner of sunshine - I'll be on the lookout for the same remedy ;-)

  13. So glad you found some sunshine!!!
    I love that feeling of hearing those sweet voices as you are in that half awake/half asleep state!
    Wishing for you a very relaxing and warm weekend!
    Enjoy the night

    Thanks for your very sweet made my day!

  14. Ooooooooh... that sounds soooo deliciious! I've been so cold here too. I plan to take a nap on my new chaise at some point this weekend!

  15. Oh. What a nap can do for a mom. Priceless.
    After snow day #4, I really need a nap.

  16. That is so nice. What a great feeling that must have been. :)

  17. We have had some amazing sunshine and it is making everything brighter. But there is nothing like finding that ray through the blinds.
    Take care Jen,

  18. What lovely thoughts. I love when I can find a few minutes like that. They are so few and far between that you really learn to appreciate and take advantage of them don't you?
    We are experiencing more snow. It was pretty and fluffy for a couple of days, now it's just annoying.

  19. I have not seen your blog in quite happens, you know! Anyway, I LOVE your new family photo!!!