Friday, April 8, 2011

Foto Friday--And a Question for You

Photos of my most willing model:

I loved the lighting from the lattice on this one.
Don't you just want to eat her for breakfast?  Sometimes I can't resist!
A few weeks ago, my friend Andrea at Four Flights of Fancy opened up by answering questions from readers.  Since this next week will be a really busy one for our family, I decided to open my blog up to you.  What would you like to know about/ask of me?  Leave questions in the comments of today's post, and I'll answer them beginning on Monday.

To answer your queries about the big red blow-up ball in our back yard: available at Costco.  Cost-co? $29.88.  And worth every penny! (make sure you have a compressor or pump to blow it up, or it'll take forever.

And "Astounding! Confounding! As I live and breathe!"  That quote is from the first book I ever bought with my own money--from a Scholastic book order. 

"Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!"  by Patricia Thomas.  It's the best book EVER to read aloud to kids.

Have a great weekend.
Think of us on Saturday--forecast 58 high for the day with 80% chance of rain.  Normally, I revel in days like that.  Not when I have to sit with two little monkeys behind the open-air stage for four hours--from 6-10 pm.  It may be truly miserable.  I'll let you know.


  1. Are you "gobbling up the baby"? That will be so miserable for you to go from the 90's to the 50's. How thankful I am that I am not one of our pioneer forbears who didn't have the luxury of being in the climate controlled environment of our homes. Pretend you are Maria Jackson Normington.


  2. What a sweet little face!
    I love her eyes. She's a heartbreaker.

    We had snow this morning, so I'd take your 50's anyday.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ooh. I love the idea of asking you questions. Ok - here's one. How/ when do you and your husband make time for each other? I only have 4 children and it's hard to find that time to get away with each other. Also, in what ways does he contribute to the home/ child-rearing duties? And, one more...What do your weekends look like?

  4. oh that sweet little girl! I wish I could gobble her up! We had snow yesterday, more today & tomorrow-as I'm sure you've heard from Tucker. Still, I know how cold 50 feels when you've been basking in the 80s, so I feel for you! Hope you find a place to stay dry and comfy.

    Questions---how do you encourage your kids to read the scriptures on their own? What are your best tips on getting your kids ready to leave the nest? Can't believe Kiefer only has a year left, then it will just snowball. Good luck next week!

    *Idea: Have Tucker & Heidi guest post! I'd love to hear from them!-Tips on leaving for college, things to know about parenting adult kids, whatever-that would be fun!

  5. Hey there, I've missed a few over here - you've been a busy girl this week! Ok, I've got a question for you (obvious answer, but it's a question nonetheless) ... does Evie EVER take a bad photo?! Sheesh, the kid is gorgeous and smiling 24/7!! Her photos make my heart smile ... such joy in her eyes!

    Good Luck tomorrow ... sorry the forecast isn't in your favor :(

  6. She is such a cute little "dolly"!!

    Your weather sounds like ours - that's a first and probably a last - ha ha!!

    Have a good weekend!

  7. In one of your posts, you mentioned something about your kids knowing that snacktime was at 2:30, or something like that...

    What are the rules at your house about snacking? Do you choose the snacks? Allow them only at certain times?

    I'm just going crazy lately, feeling like I spend an inordinate amount of time giving out snacks (or refusing to give them out sometimes and then hearing lots of whining!) Sometimes it seems like they snack all day and don't eat their dinner very well.

    I know that kids have small stomachs and growth spurts and I want to be kind, but the snacks have been such a problem lately.

    There must be a better way! Any thoughts on what works for you?


  8. Well, we are having mucho snow for our spring break.

  9. I just love that girl. Those eyes are hypnotic.
    I remember that book, I think I might even have it around here.

  10. Evie is just the most enchanting little girl ever.

    I'm curious to hear more Heidi news. What's up with the newlyweds?


  11. I remember that book from my childood. I totally forgot about it. Going to order it now.

    And she is very cute.

  12. She is such a doll...and always looks so happy. I remember you saying she isn't a fan of hugging/kissing? That must be hard...does she ever feel like cuddling? Ever?

    My question is about your grocery shopping routine! We're just a family of 3...and I feel like I am always needing to run to the store b/c I am out of something. I'm so curious how you feed your big family and what dinner time is like. Do you ever run out of food? Do you plan all your meals ahead of time? Do you have an ongoing list? Ok, I'll stop there!

  13. how much is your weekly grocery bill? i'd love ways to cut somewhere for our family of 7. i try to makes meals using the ingred twice to save...

    glad you posted about the red ball i sooo was meaning to ask you! thanks!

  14. She is absolutely beautiful!
    Your entire family is.
    I'm following!
    Thanks so much for visiting and following Lazy on Loblolly
    Whoohoo, gonna be more fun.

  15. Evie is so beautiful - but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. My question: Are you totally thrilled with Tucker leaving soon on his mission or do you also have underlying melancholy about it? I was so proud of my boys when they went but I was also deeply depressed when they first left - just curious whether anyone else feels the same way, but maybe you can't answer that one yet. Here's another: how did you and Brad meet? And what's your favorite thing to do together? (Besides THAT.)

  16. Who is your best son? Really now.

    And also, Sister Giguiere has the right idea.

  17. First of all, those pictures ALMOST make me want another sqishable little munchkin...:)

    Secondly, all week as people have commented on the drastic change in my hair...Ive wanted to will grow back, people...and yes I am still grabbing way too much shampoo...

    Thirdly, how do you keep you kids on task? Ive tried charts, lists, etc...but unless I am nagging them 24/7 (something I am not good at) then their stuff doesnt get done...they just dont seem trainable, my children...

  18. She's on of those eat her for breakfast lunch and dinner babies- delicious any time of day.

    Thanks for posting where you got the ball- I love that thing.

    Here's a question do you ever get bored- and if so how do you handle it?

  19. Love your blog!! It is one of my favorites. How do you teach your children about managing money? Also, do you have any advice on how you budget or save.

  20. I love your little Evie's teeth. How cute is that??

    I have two questions... how do you divide yourself up with your kids sports/activities? I have 3 kids at home, and pretty much we only do one sport/activity a season -- and I still can't find a way to be in three places at the same time. I hate missing watching any of their things...

    Also, for your family pics (like your header) -- do you use a photographer? They are some of my alltime favorites, out of all of the blogs I read.