Friday, April 29, 2011

Foto Friday--Easter Finery

I had the best of intentions to capture all of the kids. Didn't happen.
There just is something darling about a little boy dressed like a little man.  Love this kid, antics and all.
I've discovered Evie's color--yellow, definitely.

And one last shot of Rum Diddy.  Notice the scrapes on his head and chocolate on his cheek.  He may look sweet, but don't let his appearance fool you for long!

It's May on Sunday?  Did that sneak up on anyone else?


  1. Yep, May totally snuck up on me!

    And you're right, yellow is Evie's color...sisters are wonderful...and Hyrum is a scamp in a suit!


    PS. The children (and flowers) are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pictures, lovely children! If I may ask: what camera did you use?

  3. May 1st on Sunday? Really?
    I was thinking January 1st.

    Baby? When is it due? I must have details.
    You may just have to put your big girl panties on and deal with the snow.

    I love the beautiful WARM colors of your Easter pictures. It looks like it was a good day.

  4. Springtime was created for Children.
    Everything looks new and brilliant with both.

  5. i can never catch all mine either and i only have 5....

    i can't believe may is upon us little man turns 3 months on sunday! noooooooo sniff sniff!

  6. same may story here, sista. :)
    as for yellow, what an exquisite color on evie! that was my most favorite color growing up, clear down to when i was evie's age. good call mom! beautiful photos. ::hugs::

  7. May coming is kinda freaking me out, since there is so much to do. So is life, I guess.

    Is that a Gryffindor tie? And your flowers are gorgeous.

  8. April just flew by!

  9. April went by SO fast - it is really hard to believe May is almost here. You wouldn't know it by the weather that's for sure (at least at my house!).

    Great pictures of the kids - Yellow is a good color on Evie :-D

  10. i didn't get any pics of both kids that show their outfits. i'm an easter amateur. fail.

  11. yes indeed, it did.

    love the photos! thanks for sharing. :]

  12. been lying low, but just got caught up ... 1. I too was heartbroken to see the cowboys get eliminated 2. the sea of goldfish on the floor? priceless! 3. the pen on the couch? not quite as priceless, but H's hug and comment sure were! and 4. yeah, yellow is definitely evie's color - beautiful!

  13. I love that it's May 1st!! Don't you just love the sound of May?? Hope you're the bubble photo! :)

  14. Evie certainly does look beautiful in yellow and why haven't I brought out bubbles yet?!?!?!:)
    Loving that sister love too!
    Have a happy day

  15. Evie is just so beautiful! She looks more and more like you every time I see photos of her. She's going to grow up and break so many hearts :)

    Your Easter looks really great by the way :)