Friday, April 15, 2011

Foto Friday--In Motion

Ben finished up his track season this week: two second-place finishes in the hurdles, and his team is co-city champs.
Lily had her track and field day.  It's a pretty big deal at their elementary school.

She didn't place in the 50-yard dash, but she got second in the hurdles (sensing a pattern?), and most importantly, her class won the fifth grade relay.  BIG DEAL. This relay is such a big deal that, when kids get their class assignments in the fall, they analyze which class will win the relay in the spring, based on who is in which class. 

So fast Mom couldn't even get a picture in focus!
Is Rum ever still enough to be in focus?  Not really.  Unless he's asleep, of course.  He wields that sword, shouting, "FOR NARNIA!!!"
And speaking of motion, my hair still has spring in its step.  Much easier without the cast!
Happy weekend, everyone!  Last few questions answered on Monday!


  1. Great action shots of the kids! I remember field day being a HUGE deal at my elementary school!

    LOVE your hair:) I bet you're loving have your arm back!

  2. What an athletic bunch you've got going there. I'm impressed that Lily doesn't run "like a girl."

    Glad your arm is available for use again.


    PS. Hair still cute!

  3. I love Lily's tongue in that picture. Your kids are built for hurdles- all legs tall.

    Also, I know question week is over, but I have to know- what kind of hair product do you employ to get your curls to stay?

  4. YOU are the only one without the "pursed-lip-concentration" thing.

    Cute kids!

  5. Okay, I want to know how you get the bouncy curls. Do you use a special iron? I've tried to use rollers, but no can do. My hair is destined to be straight. And that's okay.

  6. I would just like to point out that Tucker Denton your son also helped win the fourth grade relay. Last leg. Owned em. Just pointing out I'm not entirely devoid of physical abilities.

  7. I LOVE that your daughter runs w/her tongue out like that. My Big Ballerina dances that way. Cracks me up!

    Your curls rock! :)

  8. after seeing your wedding photos from yesterday Lily is the spitting image of you!

  9. I did hurdles in high school (many moon ago) and *loved* the thrill of clearing them. Great pics -- your kids are gorgeous!

  10. I love seeing sweet Lily running with all her heart - such great action shots! Glad you've got your arm back!!

  11. Tucker looks in fabulous form, and Lily isn't far behind - she's a runner, for sure!
    And look at your cute hair! Glad the cast is finally off.

  12. Love the action shots, you are developing quite the eye with the camera, I love it! Can't wait to read tomorrow's post, I have enjoyed these more than you can know.