Thursday, April 14, 2011

Questions Answered--Brad and Me

How did you and Brad meet? And what's your favorite thing to do together? (Besides THAT.)
 We were discussing this the other day--married almost 22 years and I can't really remember how I lived life without him.
June 23, 1989, Salt Lake City, Utah--"I love your sleeves"
Brad and I met when we were working in the Independent Study curriculum processing office at BYU. We were both manuscript proofreaders, and competitive to say the least.  I can in all honesty admit that he was better than me, but does that matter today?  No.  We dated for a semester without anyone in the office really knowing, then when he proposed I came to work sporting a diamond.  People asked, "Who are you marrying?" When I told them Brad, it created quite a stir!  Never underestimate the seductive powers of the pink oxford and black knit sock tie, gentlemen.  We were married that next June.  And I've never looked back.

Besides THAT (don't tell my kids we do THAT, please), we try to date every weekend.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but we like to do most things together--movies, dinner, shopping (especially Nordstrom Rack and Home Depot's nursery). I'm really lucky that I have a husband that not only has opinions about fashion, decorating, furniture placement, etc., he also has a keen eye and great taste.  He will move furniture and evaluate how it looks before retreating back to the couch.  He taught me more about clothes and fashion than I ever knew BB (before Brad).  We also like to travel when we can--not often enough to suit him, but I do have five kids still at home. One day, right?

How/ when do you and your husband make time for each other? I only have 4 children and it's hard to find that time to get away with each other. Also, in what ways does he contribute to the home/ child-rearing duties?

Like I said, date nights once a week.  He's pretty dedicated to them. I tend to let kid stuff overshadow date night, but he always brings me back to my priorities--one day, the kids will all be gone and he'll be stuck with just me.  We better remember we like each other. It's easier for us to get out, because I have babysitters under my roof.  But it's important to set that time aside at the beginning of the week or the time gets filled with other stuff that's less important.

When I read the question about how does Brad help, I thought, "Wow, now is his chance to shine."  Brad helps me.  He does dishes, he cleans the house, he gets kids ready for school on Thursdays when I'm preparing to teach, he does baths and bedtime and teeth and stories and songs.  He really does it all. And he sets that example for my boys to see, for which my future daughters-in-law will be grateful.

Who is your best son? Really now.
Usually I keep this information private, but since Tucker asked, I couldn't refuse to answer:



  1. I'm really enjoying these Q&A posts this week. It's fun to get a closer look into your lives and get to know you all a little better!

  2. P.S. - That Brad of yours was quite the catch! Opinions on fashion, decorating and furniture placement!? Helps out big time in the house and with the kids!? He's a keeper! But, you already knew that, right? :)

  3. I have loved these posts too Jen!!
    And your favorite son is quite the cutie!!
    Have a happy day

  4. I'd heard of the sleeves, but never seen them up close like it's so fun to look back and remember how it all was in the beginning. And you are right-those future wives will love those helpful husbands you are raising!

    I missed Tucker's question, but I loved your answer!

  5. Don't you just LOVE 80's fashion??!! (And I'm embarrassed to say I actually kinda sorta still do...) The sleeve on your wedding dress reminds me of the sleeve on my senior year prom dress ... oh yeah! them were the days!

    Thanks for reinforcing date night -- we've got to do better at that!

  6. oh my goodness those sleeves are classic - did you have them remade into pillowcases afterwards?! LOVE these wedding photos - truly I do!

    I love all of these "questions answered" posts - they're fabulous! I asked the one about Evie taking a bad picture - I love your reply, that's so funny!! and the reply about your favorite son is hilarious too ... loving this series, jen, thank you!!

  7. Your kids do read your blog, you know... Just sayin'.

  8. Holy Tucker!! That 2nd picture shows just who he looks like!!

    I must admit Brad is really shines in the helping out part. Every now and then I am jealous.

  9. I've had fun catching up on all your questions and answers! I think raising a big family is the best thing in the world!!
    I also love the wedding picture - you two look like your oldest 2 kids!

  10. Glad to know who your favorite is...:)

    Thanks for the glimpse of the other side...i think it might be like going to the dentist, painful fir a moment, but you are so glad you did it????

    Knowing how long to keep the trainibg wheels on...that is the challenge!

  11. Chuckled at your answer to Tucker.


  12. A great post Jen. I too have a house helper. In fact The Agronomist is far better at it than me. I need to make time for the date night. Always a pleasure to come for my visit. How the two of you kept your courtship a secret... is quite the feat. Congrats on 22 years.

  13. All the ingredients are there - they just need the sort of nurturing you two make a priority.

  14. That was a great post!!! I totally love your sleeves too!

    What a sweet face, that last picture.

    I have to agree with everything Brad believes in about date night. It is what keeps us grounded.

  15. I hope you saved your veil and force all of your daughters to wear it on their wedding days! ;)

    You both look the same. sheesh

  16. oh man your veil is AWESOME!!!

  17. HOLY TUCKER! I don't think I've ever seen Brad's face in one of our wedding pictures before--I am in awe of how much they look alike! Wowza!

  18. Hahahaha, I just read the comments--guess who started her comment exactly the same way as I did? My momma. Go figure. :D

  19. Well that was fun! I can't believe how much Lily looks like you. Amazing... LaMar and I like to haunt the Home Depot garden department too. Actually the whole store. And he'll shop with me. I do love a man who doesn't mind - even enjoys - a little shopping.
    Love your big sleeves - they're a bit Princess Di - and after all, it was the 80s!
    Don't worry - I won't tell you kids you do *that*

  20. I love hearing stories of when couples first get together. They're always so romantic in their own unique ways :)

    By the way, I can totally see where your kids get their good looks from. I almost thought that photo of you and Brad were your kids playing dress up!

  21. Awe look at you two! And the dress- beautiful but it sure doe date you :)

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