Friday, May 27, 2011

Foto Friday--Let It Begin

Not the best photos--I had the camera set on the wrong aperture.  But I think they tell their own story, even if a little blurry.

Dad has officially opened the pool.  
Let summer COMMENCE!  

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!


  1. Have a great weekend. It's like 30 here, so it's good to at least see a picture of a pool.

  2. Can't wait for some pool in our family yard:)

  3. fun series of photos, jen - love 'em! hope you enjoy lots more pooltime over the long weekend!!

  4. Those are fun photos!

    Our pool opened week before last when we had our first pool party. It's always a good feeling and brings back so many good memories.


  5. Sometimes I really wish we had a pool!! Our season is so short here though..maybe I'll just come swim in yours?? :) Happy weekend my friend!

  6. Summer days at your place look so much fun! Have a great time and enjoy that gorgeous weather!

    Best wishes always,

  7. love this! and i really love the tucker counter at the top right. so cute. :]

  8. How warm does it have to be to open the pool?

    It's beautiful. I don't think I would be anywhere else if I had one of those things.
    So I guess it's good that it's 50 degrees.
    That way I get laundry done.

    Hope you are ready for summer!
    Looks like fun times. The pictures are great.

  9. The pool looks so good! Cold and rainy here-even had snow/slush on the back deck this morning. Soak up some sun for me.

  10. Let the summer begin! Love the slow motion water plunge.