Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Foto Week--The Last Week of School

How the Dentons wrapped up the year:

Lily as Molly Pitcher for the fifth grade wax museum

Ben in his final da Capo performance (nice vest, no?)
Micah finally completed his ocean diorama
. . . and he got the Milky Way award for being the "out of this world" student
Hyrum had his final joy school party--swimming and painting
and Evie just happened to be sitting in a delicious puddle of light one day
Whew.  That whirlwind is over.  Now it's time for summer life!


  1. It's our last week here. SO Many activities!

  2. This morning is our first day of Summer. All is quiet and I am loving it!
    Yea! for summer!!
    Hope yours is great!

  3. LOVE Lilys dress, so great. Why does it make me scared and apprehensive to see that Micah had a diorahma project in FIRST grade. I'm so not ready to do homework again. That Ben sure is handsome in that awesome vest.

  4. Love that Lily was Molly Pitcher, I loved learning about her in the 4th grade program last year! Her dress is fabulous. I also love Micah's project-very clever.

    Evie's picture-gorgeous!

  5. Isn't it a joyful time. Soak up all those memories mom. You know how fast they grow up! Love the pic of Evie in the puddle of sunlight. She is very photogenic.
    Have fun this summer!~Ames

  6. I'm glad Evie sat still enough to capture her. What a beautiful girl. Isn't it fun to not have to rush in the morning?

  7. I always loved the beginning of summer. (Have to admit I also loved the ending!)


  8. We don't get out until the 22nd...few more weeks of quiet for me and Griff. Love that Milky Way award...the kids all look great. Happy summer to you!

  9. I'm getting so jealous of everyone blogging about summer beginning. Our kids go to school until June 28th. It seems so far away. I love summer with the kids home. Although I am looking at it through rose coloured glasses at the moment. We'll see how
    it goes : )

  10. Congratulations for having such a great school year! Your kids must be awesome!

  11. We are in our final week of school and it just does not feel like summer yet.
    I did make my list over the weekend but I think I need something above 70 to make it stick!!

    Cute cute pictures!!

  12. Beautiful children - have a wonderful summer!

  13. Looks like you've had a ton of fun.
    Now for the summer fun and LOTS of pool time.

    I bet your married daughter is ready to move home...it's pretty stinkin' cold here.

    Cute pictures of everyone.
    Hope all is well.

  14. The sandbox is done. I feel sand all over my kitchen floor, which I LOATHE, but the kids love the sandbox more than anything I've ever seen. =worth it:)

  15. we're in the homestretch ... 2 more weeks, so it's nose to the grindstone right now ... Happy Summer!!

  16. i'm not sure if i'm ready for summer! i will enjoy not making anymore lunches the night before though!

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