Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Foto Week--What a Mom Does with Her Girls

Dad took the boys camping for Fathers and Sons. What did we do?
Girly stuff, of course!

We saw "Soul Surfer." Good movie. Carrie Underwood wasn't my fave, but I loved the rest.

Next morning we went to breakfast, Lily's choice--Crackers. Mmmmm.
It was cold that morning in the shade--like 70 degrees.  I know.  Wimpy AZ people, but Lily never passes up an opportunity to order hot chocolate.  At least she shared.
Then we were off to Ribbons and Lace.  Every town needs a store like this.  Endless ribbons and lace (really?  Couldn't guess that from the name?) for hair bows, flip flops, whatever you can dream about. 
And Lily was dreaming.  And so excited!  We got stuff to make hair clips for Heidi's baby.  And Auntie Lily made them all by herself.  Even better!
What did I do with the boys?  I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. how fun. . .love that last photo!

    It seems that she looks alot like you?

  2. Divide and conquer huh? Lily sure looks like YOU.

  3. I agree...Lily is looking more and more like her mama! What a fun store...I hope we get to see Lily's creations!

  4. You need to add a photo of Lily's creations! Sounds like a fabulous girls weekend. Can't wait to see what you did with the boys.

  5. love the girls day out! and WOW does lily ever look like you ... amazing!

  6. What a fun day for the Denton damsels!


  7. What a fun, girly day - I couldn't have chosen better myself!

  8. As you know it is girl's day every day around here. I like the idea of making it special though. I think we may have to once summer hits.

  9. That is cute!!!!

    What do you do with boys?
    What else?

  10. FUN! And Crackers? YUM and jealous! Glad you had a fun girly day.

  11. These pictures are magical. YAY for girl time!

  12. I am having a recent obsession with lace. I want some lace leggings for max. And maybe for me...

    I make hot chocolate year round. Refilling the whipped cream a min of three times.

  13. I love girly days :) Hopefully one day, I can do girly stuff with E too!

    And I totally agree with everyone else.... in that last picture of Lily, she looks so much like you!