Saturday, May 14, 2011

Foto Friday on Saturday--Brand New Brubaker Family

Yesterday's post was all about Miss Ellie.  Here are the rest of the shots of her and her parents.  Again, apologies if there are too many pictures.  Just trying to show them all to Heidi and Sam (and brag a little.  Hey, it's my blog!).


Our Little Family

Tomorrow marks the  beginning of the last big adventure and change for a while. Tucker's talk in Church is at 11 am tomorrow.  If you're in the valley, consider yourself invited.  And we're opening up our house to visitors (and making cookies!) from 7-9 tomorrow night.  Just writing that brought a lump to my stomach and tightened my throat. Four more days and my firstborn son will leave for his mission to New York City.  Gulp.
Have a spectacular weekend.


  1. OK, you didn't ask for favorites, but I must say I love the shot of their hands. Just the symbolism in that pictures...they are all in this together.

    And, the family shot in black and white with Sam's nose pressed against her little head. What a team they will make as they go through life together.

    Great shots! I'm sure they will love them all. Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  2. Love the pictures!

    I am just starting to miss Dallin but am so dang thrilled he is where he is doing what he is supposed to be doing that I just can't quite be sad. Weird huh?!

  3. wow, seeing ellie in the arms of her parents puts into perspective just how tiny newborns are - we mine ever really that small?! i especially love the shot of all 3 of them, with daddy's face leaned down to touch ellie's head ... i can almost smell that heaven-sent newborn smell as i look at that shot ;-)

  4. I love all of the pictures. The one with mommy looking down at little Missy is my favorite.


    So many life changes.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you watch that missionary son bring tears to your eyes.

    Hugs my friend.

    Don't hesitate to let that little mama know she can call me for anything. (I'd even babysit so they can have a night out on the town.)

  5. Holy Cow! You have a CUTE grandbaby!

  6. What a lot of changes for you and your family, Jen. Your wee Elle is so lovely - and Mum and Dad look as happy as can be.
    Best of luck to your son tomorrow. It's a big step, I'm sure, but from all I've read, he's ready!

  7. Those photos are wonderful!

    And your life is CRAZY.

    Talk about transitions...Sheesh!!!


  8. Awww....I love these pictures :) My deepest congratulations to Sam and Heidi (and to you and your family as well!) They make such a lovely family that it makes me tear up just to think what it would be like when my Ellie has her own family in the future.

    Wishing your Tucker much luck on his mission!

  9. So incredibly beautiful. Thinking about you today as your son talks at church before his mission. xoxo

  10. I loved watching them watch their precious little one!

  11. Wow, what a precious gift these photos are. I love the one of Sam & Heidi's hands and Ellie's feet. They are all just adorable though.

    Thinking of you lots today, and wishing I was there to be a part of it all. Can't wait to hear how T's talk was. I'm sure it was a tremendous meeting. Hugs from Utah...

  12. Jen these images are lovely! Great job - your daughter will treasure them always.
    You'll miss Tucker like anything at first, and then you'll just be amazed at the work he's doing, and the man he's becoming. It starts to move a little faster after the first few months.
    I'll be going to NYC the last part of October. If there's anything I can take him... I owe you big time on that front! In the meantime, just know you've done a great job preparing your kids for life - they're ready to go for it!

  13. First, love the new little family pictures...babies rock my world! And nothin' is better than being a granma, but being a Missionary Mom comes pretty darn close!
    My oldest dd served her mission in NJ and My oldest son served his in the Canada Montreal mission--so both kids went to the East coast and loved their time there! Have you heard of Dear Loved that for daily letters to my missionaries in the MTC. Helped me to not miss them so much--especially right at first.
    Congratulations on the new adventures!