Friday, May 13, 2011

Foto Friday--Ellie Rose

I took so many pictures of the new little family that I need to divide it up into two posts. Today, just Miss Ellie Rose.
If I had videoed this shoot, you'd all be shocked we got even a few pictures of her. She screamed and screamed (which almost made her post-partum Mommy cry), then fell asleep and promptly peed all over Daddy, which abruptly ended the session.
I'm still figuring out my camera and stuff, so some of these aren't the greatest, but my goal this summer is to learn how to use it better.
DISCLAIMER:  I included so many pictures so that Heidi and Sam could tell me which files to send them so they can frame them.  And any grandparents or famous magazines, if you're so inclined.

And another side comment:  My post from yesterday is somehow missing.  Thank you, blogger.  I may need to post that picture of me with the baby again . . . 

Here are the best ones:

I think that last one is my favorite.  Tomorrow?  Family edition.
So glad blogger is back up.  I missed you all!


  1. Such great pictures Jenny! You are a great photographer. I love the one of her adorable little feet. It reminds me how quickly they change and grow up.

  2. Great pictures! I love them all.

  3. Nice job. My fave is the sepia toned one with the upturned nose. She is adorable.

  4. Those pictures are beautiful.
    She's such a pretty little angel.

    Ya done good as a the photographer!
    What kind of camera?

    Are you able to say "g-r-a-n-d-m-a yet?

    Have a busy, wonderful, sad/happy/thrilling weekend!

  5. What a beautiful baby. Congrates to all of you!

  6. My baby girl turned one month Tuesday and she already looks so big compared to Miss Ellie Rose. They grow so fast! Enjoy.

  7. Simply simply beautiful!!
    You are making my ovaries ache Jen!!!
    Have a happy night

  8. Awesome pictures Jen- beautiful baby.

  9. Oh, those pictures make me baby hungry. Such a precious!

  10. ok yep, i'm almost ready for another!!!

  11. You are getting so good at photography. I love that last one, and the ones of her little fingers and toes.

  12. wow, these photos of ellie are absolutely gorgeous - they so perfectly capture the fragility of a tiny newborn, i could just eat her up, especially the vertical b/w shot of her precious teeny tiny feet! she's such a beautiful baby!!

  13. I miss that newborn stage ... so sweet!

  14. Those are some awesome photos of baby Ellie :) I can imagine her screaming through all that too! Poor Heidi! How is the new mommy holding up?