Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Did I Do This Last Week?

In tribute to Jenny Matlock's D post this week . . .
Jenny Matlock
What did I do this last week?  Hmmmm.  Let's see.

Dishes--I renewed my appreciation for a dishwasher that's not me
Dirty laundry

Decorated and organized--hung pictures, rearranged furniture, organized cupboards.  Sigh.  So rewarding
Dined with the locals--Tauna from Garden of Egan took me to lunch at Big Jud's (photo from her blog--read it here). That place has great food, and it's hilarious! A six-pound burger? Yep. It's real. Nope, I had a small quarter pounder--and it kept me full the rest of the day. Not only that, she also brought dinner for Heidi and her family, since she felt like family after dropping in on them at the hospital where Heidi delivered (and where Tauna coincidentally works). Thanks, Tauna, for everything.

Designed a car seat cover--Heidi wanted one of these, and we figured it out.  Cute, huh?
I love the flowers we picked for the reverse side. Aren't they darling?

Drove around Rexburg, seeing the sights--New BYU-I center is astonishing, and they're demolishing some older homes to make room for more student housing.  Made me a little sad to see those cute old houses in rubble.  We also drove to Idaho Falls for diapers, wipes and formula at Sam's Club.  That was about as much adventure as Heidi could handle.

Digitized images of the new little family--come back tomorrow.

And most importantly . . .
Doted on my daughter's daughter
I got to stay up late with Ellie every night while Heidi and Sam slept.  It was precious.

Now I'm home for another crazy week.  Can't find my keys, the top part of my wreath stand is mysteriously gone, and Tucker leaves in six days.

It's all worth it, especially when I hear this:

Mom: "Hyrum, I missed your smooches."

Hyrum:  "I missed your whole thing about you--even light saber fightin'."

It's good to be home.


  1. "Drove around Rexburg" -- that takes a total of about five minutes. I really wanna go there to see the improvements they've made since I was there.

  2. I love what you did to their wall. Oh, darling Ellie.

  3. AWWWW...she is beautiful! I am sooo far behind in blogland Jen. Did not even realize you were a!! Your posts are amazing as always. Just played catch up. Love her sweet face. What emotions you must have...your daughter's daughter. What sweet name will this little one call you? You are far too young to be called Grandma! Hugs to you!!!

  4. Oh my goodness....she is just the cutest little thing! Those wee hours when they are awake and alert are always so sweet.

  5. That last picture of you and Ellie is so beautiful!! Frame worthy for sure.
    Love that car seat cover, you could seriously sell those...if you really felt like devoting all that time to sewing and what not!!:)
    love Hyrum's comment, and it is good to be home!
    Have a happy day

  6. Yeah, I missed your whole thing about you too.

  7. "My daughter's daughter" made me weepy.

  8. Ellie is so adorable!!! What a pretty baby!. I bet your daughter didn't want to to leave! Such a wonderful family you have.

  9. blogger is lame...took forever to find ur posts...and finally mine are back too!

    on to you...

    OK HELLO IS ELLIE NOT THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IN THE WORLD?! you are such a terrific mom...that is just what heidi needed ....getting that rest while you were there...and you got to spend some precious sweet middle of the night alone time with her!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful week was had by all. How delightful it must be to snuggle with your daughter's daughter. :-)

  11. Dishwasher rocks! So cute pictures.

  12. What a darling picture grandma!! She is beautiful!!

  13. your post IS here - it came back! so glad it reappeared b/c I loooooove that carseat cover and those last 2 shots of you with baby Ellie are to die for!!

  14. Congrats on becoming a grandma. How sweet that you are able to help your daughter in this way. Moms are wonderful that way.

  15. Oh! She is so precious! Aww, I love baby's, especially one's named Ellie. She is so cute :) I bet you wish you could take her home with you huh?

  16. Awww, Jen, she is precious. You just glow in the pictures where you are holding her!

    You are really a wonderful Mom! Will you adopt me, please! Even though I'm wayyyy too old to give you a grandchild! You can borrow the three I have already!

    What a delightful post! I enjoyed all your projects, but mostly seeing your face holding that grandbaby.

    Sweet, sweet, sweet.