Monday, June 6, 2011

A (Temporary) Changing of the Guard

It's an interesting week around our house.
From the top of my kid totem pole, what everyone's up to:

Heidi, of course, lives in Rexburg with her cute little family.
Tucker, of course, is still in the MTC in Provo learning how to be a Spanish-speaking missionary.
Ben. Where's Ben? He's also in Provo, attending EFY (a conference where youth from our Church come from all over the world to bond and learn and play--you can read about it here).
Lily. Where's Lily? She's in Rexburg, staying with her sister and loving on that cute baby. Lucky Lily.

With the four oldest kids gone, life around the Sanatorium has taken a distinctly youthful turn--just Evie and Hyrum with Micah large and in charge.

What's different?
Bedtime really is 8 pm. And they go to sleep.
TV time centers around Clone Wars, Narnia, Harry Potter, and Lego Star Wars for the Wii.
The house is just as messy (we now know who is certainly to blame).
No Justin Bieber blaring.
No late nights.
Hyrum and Micah are buddies.  Best buddies.  Loving that.
There is legitimate excitement over the promise of a new flashlight.

I haven't had my oldest child be six in fourteen years. And I have to tell you: for those of you with just little ones, mothering the little ones really IS easier. It doesn't seem like it right now, but you will come to appreciate the ease of your life right about the time your first child becomes a teen. Enjoy it while you can.

I'm loving every second that I've been able to travel back to that time. And I'm a joyful witness to all the battles these guys are fighting.


  1. I live in a house of guys in their mid-to-late twenties and our TV time centers around just about the same thing.

  2. What a sweet post - you're right...enjoy the years when they're little because it's really pure joy and WAY easier than the teens.

  3. fun. Sounds very familiar with the Lego Star Wars and messy house! Have fun!

  4. Glad you get to switch gears for a bit! I've happily split up our crew a bit this Summer so I'll have time with just the oldest two and then the youngest two. It really is easier when they are little....and you don't want to hear that when you're there! :) The biggest switch recently is bedtime. They aren't all in bed at 8 or 8:30....Carl is still yacking sports with Dad at 9 or 9:30....and I'm ready for bed!
    As for creativity? You've got it too!

  5. It is so weird but I can hardly remember how it felt to have little ones. I wish I could instantly recall it whenever I wanted.

  6. Ok, first of all, you have some GUY named Myke reading your blog. Love that.

    Secondly, what a fun experience to time travel backwards. A good reminder to enjoy the time they are small. I always need that reminder, cause it SURE seems frustrating at times. So, thanks for that. My kids are growing at mach speed and I want to remember this time.

    Enjoy the rest of your little kid week.

  7. I don't believe it! ;)

    Lego Star Wars is the most inane video game that all boys love. I don't understand it.

  8. I always try to tell the young mothers in our ward this same thing. Enjoy it now because it just gets busy and insanely crazy. They look at me like I'm crazy - Ha Ha.

    Oh if only I knew then what I know now!

    Well said - Enjoy your week!

  9. ahhh like a little mini vacation! ohhh i know...not even close...but still!

  10. great perspective, jen ... though a bit unsettling as the mother of a 12-year-old ;-)

  11. I was just thinking about what a huge shift your family would be going through this summer, those 3 are so very little still! What fun to have the opportunity to really savor these times. Enjoy all the star wars, and simple pleasures having a house full of little ones brings.

  12. hee hee hee... great defensive line-up you got yourself there, jen!

  13. This was really interesting to think about how the family dynamic changes when you have really big kids and really young ones. I never had that combo, as I only had four all together, and my oldest and youngest are only 6 years apart.


  14. Sweet post - I'm glad you got to have that experience. It must have been nice to have the chance to sort of relive the early days. I remember when people would tell me to enjoy my little kids - that it would go fast. And I used to think "not fast enough..." But I would love to get a day or two back. They were such sweet times.

  15. every morning i wake up and think, "i don't want them to ever grow up." this is the absolute time of my life!!!

  16. Interesting post :) I guess I never have to think about having a large age difference between E and her future sibling since we plan to have only one more before we turn 35. I do admit, though, that a part of me wants to hold off on having the next one because I don't want to lose this moment when they are little. Once they are in their teens, that's pretty much all we'll have...teenagers.