Monday, June 6, 2011

Have I Got a Question for You!

Remember the Seinfeld episode when George finds a doughnut in the trash and after looking around, he eats it? 
Here's my question:  Would you ever take something out of the trash and eat it?  What would be the parameters for such an opportunity?  I want to know.  My own answer appears in the comments.

Let's discuss today!



  1. If it was still wrapped in its original wrapper and was not a perishable item, maybe but there would have to be nothing else in the house to munch on. I still doubt it though. I'm too picky!

  2. This occurred to me last night as I opened a packaged delicacy, bent over to toss the wrapper, when said delicacy fell into the trash. It was the trash in the study, only had paper in it, and was only in there less than three seconds (clearly falling under the "three-second" rule). So I scooped it out and ate with nary a thought.
    Then I began to percolate, as I occasionally do. When would I exclude such an item and why?
    Here are my parameters:
    If it falls into the kitchen trash, absolutely no way, unless there is a brand new bag in there and it's the first thing to fall in (or if I've only discarded paper).
    If it falls into the trash at say, McDonald's, no way no exclusions.
    The park or library or Church? Nah.
    If it falls into a trash that is not at my house, it would depend on the circumstances. At my mom's, and it fits all the criteria above, then . . . sure. How about a friend's? I don't know. And a stranger's? I don't think there is any circumstance under which I would succumb to such a scenario.
    This forced me to evaluate my own status--am I a germophobe or not?
    My conclusion--really not.
    Remember, this is for me personally, not for food I am making to serve others. Just for the record.
    Have I grossed you out by my standards? Will you never eat in my presence again? I want to know!

  3. Not a chance in you know where. EVER. EVER. Under NO circumstances. Am I a germaphobe? ABSO-freaking-LUTELY.

  4. My response would be much like yours.
    Of course, I've never been as hungry as some people in the world - who knows what one would eat if food were truly a life and death issue.

  5. the countdown to tucker on the side...

    2nd. it depends...first only the kitchen can would i eat from haha (opposite of you) and 2nd what's under it? if its the wrapper and i really really really wanted it...i'd go for it. sadly hubs saw me once and freaked out. always always look to make sure no one is looking!

  6. i have and i will again! rules are that nothing in the trash that's wet can be touching it or any of the trash sides and/or tops and bottoms. this only applies to my garbage at home and there must be a full and long drawn out inspection of the above perameters. no other garbages fit the garbage diving. that is all.

  7. This is a great question as I had two expieriences over the weekend. One of which involved a most delicious cupcake that I had given to a friend. It mistakenly ended up in the church classroom trash can. She pondered and considered and scooped it up, split it open and took two nibbles. It did land face up and she's been dieting so.... I've done similar with a carrot cake, HCG starvation diet, taking out the left over cake to outside garbage when said cake landed on the street. half face up and half on the ground. I am ashamed to say that I did eat one side. The half up of course. I especially liked -not- a helper at youth confrenece who was dropping food on the filthy floor as it was being prepared. It would then be rinsed off and tossed back in. Maybe if this was going to be a cooked item but it wasn't. Lets just say I didn't eat the salad.

  8. I tried to imagine every one of these scenarios and came to this conclusion: Once it hits the trash, I'm done.


  9. I probably would have retrieved it out of the trash in the study - or in my case my office, because I know what is in there and if it only fell on paper for a couple seconds it would be ok.


    I am totally a germ-o-phope - ha ha!

    I remember a couple years ago I got cash back after I paid for groceries at the store. As I was leaving the store I threw some trash away, and a $20 bill with it. Ugh. I did take the top of the trash can off and fished my $20 bill out - I mean $20 is $20 right! But I seriously had to talk myself into doing it!!

  10. Jen, I agree w/ya.. 3 second rule... and u did say it was for yourself.. As far as really taking something from the trash to eat- well as a friend told me " depends on how hungry one is".. I am sure there are a lot of homeless out there that don't choose to eat out of the trash, but when push comes to shove... I hope none of us have to resort to literally getting our meals out of the trash... Think about the ones who have no choice.

  11. sure, why not?!

    of course I have standards. Once it goes INSIDE the garbage disposal and the disposal has started, then I will not partake.

    even for chocolate ganache.

  12. Nope, even my office trash with paper will have a Stella nose in it at some point and since she licks places better not mentioned, its a no.

    But 20 bucks? Sure I would go thru the trash at the store, a retainer? Yuppers again! Food? No way!

  13. My brother once freaked when I pulled a bunch of slightly brown bananas off the top of his garbage, unpeeled them and gave them to my small children. I was then labeled a garbage picker. I hate to waste food...but would never have done that with peeled bananas...or something that would touch anything "unclean". I am an avid 3-5 second rule fan. Definitely not a germ phobe...but I do have my limitations.

  14. When I was reading your post, I thought that if someone threw something in the garbage...there was probably a good reason why they tossed it! Of course, now that I read your comment, I see you were talking about your own food in your own garbage! Duh! It would have to be an empty garbage bag for me...but I have no problem eating something of the floor with the 5 second rule!

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  16. Jen! I agree with you! If it is not at my house in a clean almost empty garbage can then no way not in a million years. I love your blog! There is always something fun going on! I just started a blog!

  17. Living my current life, I'm with you. But there are lots of people in this world that are hungry enough to dig food out wherever it is - and it's not always in the best shape. But me, today? No - I'm not that hungry. Yet. I guess never say never, and take pity on and try to help those who would consider such an option.