Saturday, June 4, 2011

Foto Week--Last Family Night with Tucker

I'm a few days late with this post, and I haven't been visiting you all like I should.  I've been a whirlwind at a wedding in Utah the last few days.  Brad's youngest brother--a married man.  Weird.  I remember changing his diapers.  Anyway, I should be back to normal on Monday.

A few shots of our last family night before Tucker left for his mission.  Where did we go?  To get ice cream, of course!

Choosing is always the hard part, right?
Evie and Grandma T shared.  Evie had pink eye.  Not so cute.
These two always try to smuggle in a few quarters to play the game.  The ice cream isn't enough of a treat?
"What?  You're taking my picture? Oh, that must mean I have to pull a face."
I wonder where Tucker learned that.
My ice cream was wrong, and Brad proceeded to cross that sacred boundary behind the counter to get them to redo it.  She was a little surprised, don't ya think?
Tucker's friend Karli had stopped over to say good-bye, so of course we hauled her with us and force-fed her shaved ice.
I take that back. Maybe Tucker got his face pulling from my dad.  Grandpa was watching NBA playoffs.
Aren't those the cutest flip flops you ever saw?  She thinks so, too.
We can't go anywhere without someone bawling.  It was Hyrum's turn.
I think Micah is learning facial technique from Tucker.
This was such a fun night.  And it was only two weeks ago.  Where has the time gone?  I guess I need to think positively, right?  Two down, 102 to go.



  1. The sandals are way cute.

    As for the many remaining days of missionarydom, these too shall pass...


  2. love that you went out for ice cream as your night-before-mission activity ... that's exactly what i'd do too! and YES i love evie's little sandals ... adorable!!

  3. Such beautiful eyes......EVIE! If you ever want to rent her out, let me know.

    Love all the facial expressions on that family of yours.

    Time will fly too fast...promise.

  4. Going for ice cream is a great treat and a great way to get through a difficult last family night - everyone is occupied and happy!

  5. Looks like a great time. I remember the days when we always had someone bawling. It was usually my son.

  6. Ice cream would have been my night of choice too!! And so in love with those sandals!!
    Have a happy night

  7. Looks like fun was had by all. Busy is good. It will make the time fly by.

  8. These pictures are sweet family perfection. ..and those flip-flops!