Friday, June 10, 2011

Foto Friday--Another Wedding

Brad's baby brother got married last weekend. Here's proof:

Grandma with my boys

And with Evie. Pretty photogenic, these two.

Brad, looking quite distinguished, don't you think?

Ben had his priorities in the right spot--official food transporter and inspector.

Heidi came with Miss Ellie, and although it was Scott's wedding, Ellie was the true star of the day.

Don't you love it when the light is "just right"?

Yes, I was at the wedding, usually huddled under a blanket somewhere. It was COLD. 55 degrees cold. This was June, remember?

Brad and his brothers. Can you guess who's the oldest?

How about trying to guess who has the best camera face? That's a little harder.

What a great day. I just love weddings, don't you?

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. I DO love weddings. And I also love Grandma's outfit. And seeing a photo of Ellie.

    (Does she look like Evie??)

    Seems like it!


    PS. I'm guessing those brothers have some fun together...

  2. I love Grandma's outfit too...what a pretty lady. Your pictures are great!

  3. You have such a beautiful family. The pictures always make me smile.

  4. I do love weddings, sweet beginnings and sweet reminders of the beginning of my own family.

  5. Beautiful pics! I thought of you and your Tucker today. There's an article in Bloomberg Businessweek titled, "God's MBAs: Why Mormon Missions Produce Leaders".

  6. Is it just me, or does Dan look like Jack Black in the 8th picture down?

  7. I'd rather it be 55 than 105. Just sayin. Everyone looked lovely, and I wanted to see more pics of the reception, or even the bride. And finally...Brad does not look like his brothers, does he look like his dad?

  8. Grandma is lovely. . .so young looking!

    I love little boys dressed up. . .why is that? Probably because it so rarely happens?

  9. We're thinking about weddings a lot up here these days - no announcement yet, but I feel it I'd love to have seen more pics!

  10. yes yes yes ... i really DO love weddings!! and your family ... all of them ... look so so happy and beautiful here!!

  11. YOur boys are sooo cute all dressed up. Grandma looks like Paula Deen. And yay for the baby stealing the show!

  12. What a lovely family. Your Mom is gorgeous.

  13. Fun pictures but where is the Happy Couple? Ha Ha
    We went to a wedding also this weekend and even though cool at least it wasn't snowing!

  14. That must've been quite the wedding :) I believe that both Evie and Ellie stole the show, right? It must be so wonderful having so many generations of your family get together to witness the beginning of a new branch of your family tree :)

    And I totally love the great relationship between Brad and his brothers :)