Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Can't Think of a Better "I" Word Than . . .

Is there a better "I" word?
I didn't think so.

IKEA knows their market, I'll tell ya what.
I decided to take the four little ones with me on an IKEA trek.  We dropped the two little boys off in SmaLand, and the girls and I hunted for treasure--one hour minus the boys' demands and fighting. It was spectacular.  Luckily, Lily had a pocketful of candy to entertain Evie, and I was left to my musings.
Look what we found:
Love this new twirly grass they have--the only kind of plant I can keep alive.

What about this darling metal pitcher?  I just couldn't resist.  Plus, I found the frames I was looking for.

Then, after we had checked out and taken all the bags to the Suburban, we snagged the boys and headed upstairs for lunch.  Lunch at IKEA is part of the adventure.  If you didn't know that, next time you need to do lunch. Just sayin'. Healthy fare available--I had a vegie wrap and fruit salad on a bed of lettuce.  And the kids were thrilled with yogurt, apples, and mac and cheese.  Plus, they have a kid area in the cafeteria where they have toys and a video playing.

If you have an IKEA anywhere within an hour's drive, I highly recommend it for entertainment, food, shopping, and free childcare too!  Who thought of all this?  Those Swedes, clever folks.  They know how to sucker moms into their store on a hot summer day.

And we bought it. Hook, line, sinker, and sundry other things.

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  1. Our closest IKEA is about three hours away. Anyone going near it knows enough to offer to pick 'stuff' up for everyone in her circle of friends!

  2. Great buys! IKEA is an adventure!

  3. IKEA!...the closest one is two hr drive to Jax Fl. but I love to make the journey all the time,love it!
    I'm visiting from Alphabe Thursday.
    Come see me I have "I" provised and having my first giveaway!

  4. Ahh I am anxiously waiting for our new IKEA to open here next month.!!

  5. I can't tell you how excited I am that we are finally going to have an IKEA. The new store opens July 17th. I can't wait.
    I know IKEA very well and I'm sure I'll be visiting them often after they open their doors here in Colorado.

  6. Ours is about 45 minutes away, and I've never been.

    I need to change that.


  7. Great I-word, Jen!! I used to LOOOVE Ikea when I was living in DC years ago ... still have a lot of the stuff too! These days the nearest one is just a bit over an hour away ... and it's been too long ... I sense an urge coming on ... wahoooo!

  8. oh my. I totally agree. I'm just glad they put in shortcuts. That is a massive place.

  9. awesome choice.
    it looks cool.
    bless your Thursday.

  10. We made a quick stop at Ikea this week, too. My kids LOVE it there.

  11. I went to IKEA once.

    Loathed it.


    I obviously have no class or don't know how to shop. It was so claustrophic.

    Closest one is 4 hours away. There was one across the street from the hotel I stayed at in Florida and my hubby thought for sure I would spend every day there.
    Post traumatic stress or something.

    I will give it a try the next time I'm in Utah..........maybe.

    Your stuff really is darling. I love the pitcher.

  12. Confession time....NEVER been to IKEA. I always love what I see people get from there, and I love to browse their catalog. But the idea of going to that HUGE store with no idea where anything is...anxiety strikes and I run to my familiar Target instead. Maybe one day...

  13. Oh I do have an IKEA obsession. It's kind of far, but sometimes, a little roadtrip is necessary. :)

  14. I went with my neighbor. It was an all day trip. The food was wonderful too! The best part for me was the 400 sq. ft. apartment they created inside the store. It was amazing how we can do with less of everything.!~Ames

  15. yes! We take actual family field trips to this place. Ill add it to the summer list!
    Love your good finds!
    And the 99 cent breakfasts are sooo good!

  16. I guess I live way too far in the country to have an IKEA, but it sounds like it would be great!

  17. I have only been in Ikea a couple of times. I'm downsizing, getting ready to move from my rented house of 13 years...if I had the money on my new retirement income which is $100,000 less a year, I would junk all my old furnishings and fill a small apartment with Ikea purchases!

    I’m a day late and a dollar short, always – just getting to Thursday commenting!

    My Alphabe Thursday post is at:

  18. Awww yes, I have me some IKEA in my life and live close enough for a day trip. Actually have a friend who's never been. Hmmm....guess she better experience it also:) Love the little blue pitcher.

  19. The only thing that could make me love IKEA more is valet parking!

    I'm old. It's hot. I'm tired.

    What can I say!

    Cute post!

    And a great idea for a summer outing when the heat is upon us!


  20. i have one ten minutes away. BLISS.

  21. Back when we lived in California, we had one that was 15 minutes away. In Tokyo, we have an Ikea that's about an hour away by train.

    I absolutely love Ikea :) They have the cutest things there for a decent price and the food is great. It's funny how you said that they know how to sucker in moms because the Ikea in Japan is a hotspot for families with young children. Whenever we go there, the place is always full of families eating at the cafeteria.

    By the way, those are some awesome buys. I would love to fill my home with Ikea products but we just don't have the space :)

  22. Hi Jen,

    First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. Of course, I immediately had to check out your IKEA post, too. What can I say? Great minds think alike. :)

    A couple of years ago an IKEA opened not too far away. In fact, it's only a fifteen-minute-drive away. GREAT! :) I love their fun activities now and then -- especially the ones for midsummer, a festival which is VERY important for the Swedish.

    Anyway, your blog is fantastic -- I just love the stories and photos. I will surely visit with you again.