Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Treasures from the Mesa Auction, Part 1

I described one way of getting out of my funk (described here): Going to the Mesa Auction. I LOVE that place.
Let me preface this story with a photo of my hobby room.  My hobby room is an awkward little space across the hall from my laundry room. It's so narrow that you can almost touch both walls at the same time. When we were designing the house, we had gable issues here, and this weird space was the result.  And now?  Now I'm so happy I have this little corner of the world to call my own.  But this is what it looked like:

This, my friends, was the status of my hobby room at the beginning of summer.  The clutter?  Nauseating.  Sick of it all--sick of the wrapping paper and ribbon on the wall, sick of the cluttered shelves and surfaces, all of it. So I decided the best way out of my aforementioned funk was a complete hobby room overhaul, and the best way to get there?  The auction, of course!

I found this little server/table--solid wood and in great shape--and got it for $40.  Here she is before:
I love everything about it--the size, the shape, and especially the hardware.  Spray primer then two topcoats of white, and this is what she looks like now:
I sprayed the hardware black, and I love the contrast. One of my favorite things about older furniture is the unique hardware, and these daisies are among my favorites ever. Now it's a perfect spot for the TV, and inside it holds the few files still in the room.  The best part?  I ditched that huge four-drawer filing monstrosity.  YAY!  Step one: complete.

What do you think?
Come back next Wednesday for another project.



  1. I want a hobby room! And love that piece... :)

  2. ooh, I like it. I also like the wallpaper (?) on the other side of the room under the wrapping paper. Now I need to find a home with a hobby room! ;)

    (and of course I wouldn't erase your comment. I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near as malicious as my own family's comments were. Those I could have deleted. But I rise above! ha!)

  3. this is AMAZING, jen!!! what a transformation!! and so glad you kept that gorgeous hardware ... love love love!

  4. Isn't coveting a sin...????? Jealous!

  5. so simple and so practical. two of my favorite things in life. :)