Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kindly unKnot Your Knickers--Auction Treasures Part 4

I apologize profusely for not posting this earlier, like I promised. I'm sure you've been waiting impatiently. I put literally 200 miles on my Suburban yesterday--football practice, diving, musical theater practice, Target, piano lessons, swimming lessons, musical theater performance, dive meet. Whew.
Then, last night, as I was attempting to post, my tool bar disappeared from my blog, so I couldn't access my blog. Then, when I finally got into my blog, it would keep denying requests by pulling up a blank page that said "Bad Request." This morning I rebooted the computer, tried again, same issue. I pulled up blogger in Internet Explorer insteat of Firefox, and it was fine. Anyone have any clue what happened? HELP ME!

Here are the pictures I promised.

I went to the auction with one thing on my mind--this hutch. It was exactly the right dimension for the awkward space on the window wall in my hobby room, and I knew exactly what I would do with it.

I've always lived by the "I'd rather throw it out today and buy it again tomorrow" philosophy when it comes to clutter and keeping things. Except for ribbon. For some reason, I can't let ribbon make its way to the garbage. So? I have a spool or two. And a tub of scraps. When I saw this hutch, I knew the upper cabinet could hold all of my ribbon, and the drawers could house my wrapping paper and bags and tissue.
I didn't know exactly how to mount the dowels inside the cabinet, so I hauled five kids to Home Depot and asked the men in the orange aprons. They approached my question like the challenge of the day--"Dave will know." "Maybe we should ask Allen in hardware." They came up with this solution:

Since no one makes the rod cups you see in a standard closet to fit a 5/16" dowel, we cut the top off a chair stopper and created our own. They're clever, those men in orange. Then, Brad screwed the caps to the inside of the cupboard, minimizing any necessary change to the cabinet.

Then he cut the dowels and I color-coded and organized the ribbon to my satisfaction. See?

The bottom shelf holds my tags, tag punches and yarn, and each drawer has its own purpose--one for tulle, one for wrapping paper, one for tissue and bags, and one for my Cricut.

Now, all the paper and tissue and bags and ribbon that took up an entire wall in my hobby room are in here, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Am I the only person in the world that takes utter joy in a project completely organized and color coded?

Linking up my new wrapper/ribbon Keeper to K at Alphabe-Thursday. And as promised, I'll post before/after pictures tomorrow. Oh, and a giveaway. Just because.
Jenny Matlock


  1. Nope, you are not the only one who likes certain things organized a certain way. Remember who messed up your spices by alphabetizing them? Can't wait to see your hobby room in person after all your changes. Especially since I saw the before picture when I was down there. LOVE

  2. It's a never ending battle for me. I'll organize but it all gets messed up and out of order in no time flat. (finger pointing straight at self) Maybe if I hang around I can learn from the master! :o)

  3. I would LOVE to have my baskets of ribbon organized like that.



  4. Ummmm....maybe it's just me, but I think you may have need of a 12 step program for ribbon addiction...just a thought! No wonder your packages always look so fabulous! Love the whole makeover, can't wait to see the entire room tomorrow.

    P.S. Speaking of addictions, Sage is addicted to "Color Coordination" as she calls it. She just reorganized all my thread, and proudly showed me. I didn't have the heart to be mad at her for mixing up the different types of thread-which is how *I* had them organized!

  5. Amazing! I love how it perfectly fits the space and the ribbons...

  6. That cupboard full of ribbon may be my favorite thing, yet. The piece of furniture is beautiful, and I too, have a love for ribbon :) I can hardly wait to see the whole room!

  7. Now that is a really great idea! Good thinking Jen!!

  8. Now THAT is fabulous! I too have a thing for keeping ribbon. I would have an entire drawer full of just ribbon I saved off of presents. Anyway, that hutch is freaking fantastic. I love it all so much!!!

  9. SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is absolutely divine.
    I love it.

    You are totally creative.
    AND awesome.

    Except for the part where you took five kids to Home Depot.

  10. Jen this is too amazing for words. I feel your joy. I love it when things have a place. Although that wouldn't be too clear by the post I currently have up ;/

  11. What an absolutely great idea. I'm about to inherit a linen press from my mother and that would be the perfect use for it.

  12. Oh my goodness. This makes my Rubber Maid box under the bed look a little lame!

  13. that is a GREAT idea for ribbon and paper storage. :]

  14. Someday, I will have a ribbon and wrapping collection like you. Color-coded and everything. Someday.
    And no email and letter this week? What the heck?! Maybe I just won't send him the cookies I was going to tomorrow......

  15. DROOLING over here! Between the shutter and this cabinet- I may have to more in! Can't wait to see it all.

  16. Love the cabinet! You're pretty clever:)

  17. Me again...since Firefox went to 5 I've had nothing but PROBLEMS! They won't support my virus thing either...grrrr. I don'tlike to use IE but have had to. Maybe they'll fix things soon if everyone has so many problems..

  18. Oh my, what an amazing ribbon cabinet! I love seeing well organized and color coordinated rows of ribbons :) That's why I love going to craft stores just to admire them because there's no way I can ever have anything like that in my home!

  19. Is it wrong for me to be in lust with this fabulous cupboard? I am soooo impressed with your repurposing of this already charming cupboard!

    Really, really clever!

    This was a lovely link! One of my favorite do over ideas I've seen in a long time!



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