Saturday, July 2, 2011

Foto Friday--The Finished Hobby Room

This has been the craziest day yet. I promise to post about it next week (and host the aforementioned giveaway), but for today, here are the pictures of the finished hobby room.

Here is what it used to look like, picture on the left is pre-decluttering; picture on the right is mid-decluttering:
When we moved into the house, this was one of the first rooms I finished.  It's a long, skinny room--so skinny that I can almost touch both walls at the same time.  Kind of a weird room that was created when we changed some roof gables.  I adopted this little orphan and dubbed it "Hobby Room," for my sewing, scrapbooking, wrapping, whatever.

Along the right wall and under the window, I placed IKEA adjustable tabletops, with wicker basket units underneath to hold all my stuff.  I also used a four-drawer filing cabinet to hold the TV, patterns, and more stuff. On the left wall I stapled IKEA fabric to the walls, trimmed it out with IKEA rods and wire baskets, and loaded it down with ribbon, wrapping paper and tissue. I added a few shelves and tchotchkes, and I liked the room.  It always looked cluttered, but it was very functional. I used it a lot, in the beginning.

Fast-forward four years, and my hobbies have markedly changed--little to no scrapbooking, still wrapping, but mostly I need peace.  Here are pictures of the finished room, along with a few bonus surprises I was saving for last. (I don't know why I struggled so much with getting pictures of this space--maybe because of its shape?  I never could get a picture of something head-on.) Photo on the left is looking into the room, and photo on the right is looking across the hall into the laundry room.)

Inspiration for the room came from these prints I got at HomeGoods. I love the colors: I had bought them for another room, but they didn't work in there, and I'd been holding onto them, trying to find them a home.  The yellow and teal of the flowers is where I found the dresser and shutter colors, and after I decided on a color scheme, I proceeded from room to room accumulating treasures that would fit in--the table runner, the lamp, Micah's handprint.

One surprise I've been saving is this find from . . . Qcumberz:

Aren't these doors DEEE-VINE?  My friend mentioned how she had found an old door to use as a growth chart for her kids, and I thought, "What a great idea!"  I have kids' heights recorded each year, so I could add them retroactively, and then, if we ever move, the doors can move with us.  A not-so-quick drive to Phoenix, and I found exactly what I was looking for.  These were moveable sidelights to an old door, and I fell in love with their dirty darling selves on sight.  I thought the window panes would be fantastic picture frames, so I've added a few photos tucked in the trim, reserving the right to rotate on a whim.  Three panels of glass are missing, but I don't care.  I love the randomness of the photos and the juxtaposition of the "new" chair with the weathered doors. Now I just need to find some time to add the kids' heights.

One final surprise is this:
This may need a little explanation (if you don't need it explained, I love you even more than I did before):

Remember how I said this room was a creation of gable changes?  This door, which you can see in the right-hand picture of the second collage (behind the TV), is only 45 inches high, because the gable of the roof intersects with the upper frame.  Behind the door is a huge storage closet, which I adore, but the ceiling at the entry is only . . . you guessed it . . . 45 inches high.  The closet inherited the nickname "The Hobbit Closet" due to its door's diminutive stature (I wish it was round and green, but you can only stay so true to a ficitious story, even one as great as The Lord of the Rings).  Thus, the title "Bag End," Bilbo Baggins' residence. (ten points if you knew that reference).  My friend Dawn came over one evening and we puttered with the Cricut until we ended up with these vinyl letters.  Just a touch of whimsy, and if people need me to explain it, all the better. I may add a little sign as well that states, "No admittance except on party business."  Can you identify that quote?

This cabinet houses the remnants of what was stored in that giant four-drawer filing cabinet and my sewing notions.  Just the right size.

Here are a few more details:

I punctuated the space with only things I love; nothing is in this room to fill up space.  From my diploma on top of the hutch (it doesn't do much else in my life!) to the four-generation picture of Heidi, me, my mom and my grandma, it's all my stuff, everything has a story.
 My favorite picture ever of Micah and "Bob."  A trophy from a friend.
Memories and treasures.  This is my room.

This is where my heart goes when it needs a rest.

Have a great holiday weekend.  


  1. Nice room!

    And give me the 10 points. Lord of the Rings is big around my 'hood.


  2. Well, no points for me, ha, but i am glad in a house with such a large family that you have found a little bit of "me" space! Sue

  3. love the prints! Beautiful inspiration!

    Its kind of like my mommy space I created in a little nook I had.
    A place to just be!

    Love it

  4. I love it... it's a perfect space.

  5. You've accomplished what I've never been able to do - made a space that you love, just for you, in your house. We have a big house and you'd think I could carve a corner out of it - maybe I will.

  6. ........and how could I have neglected to say "it's gorgeous!" ?

  7. we all need a place of our own...
    Mine happens to be all over the house wherever there is work to be done. Amazing how the yahoos disappear! lol
    Your secret garden is sahweet!

  8. I love that room and all the treasures. Looks like the perfect getaway!

  9. I am jealous beyond belief. I love everything about your room especially the ribbon organizer, wow! Great job!

  10. So pretty. I wish I could unclutter my office and make it nice again. Oh, and the diploma! Such a nice touch. I wonder if I have a diploma around here somewhere. I mean, I did graduate from college, so it must be somewhere. Maybe at my parent's house.

    Good job, Jenn!

  11. Nice space and love the colors. And give me 10 points. I've read that series more than once.

  12. dear hubs was standing behind me listening to me mumble "bag end bag end bag end" (you see if i say things out loud then i might get it...wasn't happening with this one)

    hubs shouts 'hey look...that's's the hobbit's bilbo's place' i guess that means you love him more than me!

  13. ps..i'm jealous...i want a hobbit hidey hole

  14. Your room looks fabulous! Look - your sewing machine is even out and ready. And it appears that your sewing supplies will be easy for me to find. You have it all ready for me to come. (By the way, your colors are great, too.) LOVE

  15. Wow, Totally loving the newly organized hobby/quiet room. The old doors are a nice touch indeed :)

    I'll take my 10 points too though you had me do a double take since I never knew you were a fan of Lord of the Rings :) I read the trilogy when I was a freshman in college because the dorm area I was living in was called Middle Earth and every building there was named after a character or a location from the book :)

  16. Inspiring! Maybe after the kids are back in school I'll tackle the basement!

  17. i totally knew the ref!!! only b/c my freshmen/sophomore year of college my friends and i were obsessed with the movies. we classified people into three groups: hobbits (us), elves (not close friends, but still respectable), and dwarves (mean, grumpy people we didn't like). there is an art to classifying. have you ever seen beth on my blog?? she and i were the head honchos on classifying people. to be called a hobbit was the best compliment one could be paid;)

  18. p.s. we STILL classify people this way, lol. LOVE HER!!!

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