Monday, August 1, 2011

Back from (Two) Adventures

After my post a few weeks ago about people disappearing from blogland, I wondered if any of you had thought I'd abandoned you--I even missed my first Alphabe-Thursday in a year.  Sorry about that.

I had hoped for a few minutes to quickly post when we returned from Seattle, but we landed at 4:25, arrived home at 5:15 and I snagged my previously prepared pile of stuff  and left for Girls' Camp by 5:45.  It was a whirlwind, and more info on these two adventures later.

I got home from camp late this morning.  The piles of laundry and stuff are shrieking at me for their rightful homes, but I had to post this little adventure with Hyrum from today:

A Hyrum original, after being partially scrubbed off.
 I have been mothering for many years now, and I've never had a kid that drew on the walls.  Until Hyrum.  When I found this inked intruder on the kitchen wall, Hyrum was immediately directed to the Magic Eraser (his life may have been forfeit if he had been born before the invention of such ingenuity), and began scrubbing and scrubbing.  And of course, I ran for my camera.
"Mom.  Stop taking pictures.  This isn't funny."  Really?  Then why do you keep doing it?  When are you going to stop? "I think I'll stop when I'm nineteen."

I better stock up on those magic babies.  He's only four.

I posted Tucker's last two mission letters as well (click here).  I hope to be a little more consistent now that summer's almost over.

School starts in NINE days.  Kinda ready.  Kinda not.


  1. I loved reading Elder Denton's letters. What a neat son you've raised!


  2. I love that picture of Hy!!!! How funny. I love that little troublemaker! :)

  3. My 2 year old has been the only one of children who was a wall colorer. Oh, they have all tried it...but he just keeps on keeping on. And though I think those magic erasers are amaazing, there is just some paint that sharpie marker will not come off of. Ugh!

  4. Poor little guy! How in the world can you be so cruel as to make him clean up his own mess????
    LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!!!!!!!!


    Send him to me right now.
    ........without the crayons.......

    I don't have kids, but I'm not ready for school to start.
    That means that snow is soon.

  5. That face....I'd be framing off a piece of wall just for his art attacks!

  6. wow, school begins in nine days? Our summer just got started!

  7. i got one of those kids...the ones that color on stuff. the first three never ever. lily...well nuff said!

  8. Awe, cute little puppy dog eyes :). Love that he sad till 19, good luck!

  9. We don't return to school until the very end of August. I didn't have a wall artist, but I did have a couch clippers. My memory is fading so i think it was both Eldest and youngest who would clip little snippets of couch cloth at the back and once on the cushion.

  10. Those magic erasers are the best invention!!

  11. He just SO reminds me of Brennan.