Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Two: The Pilgrimage

Thursday night I got a wild idea: I wonder how far away the famous Lucketts Country Store is from Baltimore? As it turns out, just a quick 90 minutes!  Off I went.

I wasn't disappointed.  This store was everything I thought it would be and more--shed after shed of salvage and beauty.
The porches were deep with treasures and trinkets . . .

I even saw this famous room inside . . .
Room after room after room of wonderful, magical things . . .
Next door is another little shop, stocked floor to ceiling with creamy, sparkly, feminine things.
This was what I'd been hoping to see.  Creativity explosion.  Treasure trove.  How I wish I had brought more than one empty suitcase.  Luckily, I had room for a few treasures of my own:  6 wire locker baskets, a pewter pitcher, and a small Christmas star.

Sigh.  It was two hours of pure bliss.  As the owner of Lucketts said to me as she was wrapping my purchases: "There's nowhere like Lucketts."  She was so right.

My drive back to Baltimore was interrupted with a quick stop at a roadside stand for some cinnamon roasted almonds (and regular for Brad), kettle corn, and a jar of cherry butter (which was unfortunately confiscated by a kind but insistent TSA agent at BWI airport).  I loved Virginia--every last minute of it.

What could be better than this day was?


  1. Oh, I bet you were in hog's heaven! Glad you weren't disappointed.

  2. That's a place I want to visit. Dave retires in June!


  3. PS. I would have been tortured not being able to take home more stuff from Lucketts!

  4. They took your cherry butter? I think TSA just wanted it for themselves. :) Thanks so much for coming to Lucketts. I know it won't disappoint anyone who visits. I must apologize for my room being so naked! (And where did that black hat on my dress form come from? LOL...that's not mine!) Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  5. You lucky duck! I'm sure there are many of us reading this and wishing, wishing we could have been there too - enlarging the photos and imagining the fun we'd have with the bits and pieces!

  6. Just sitting at my computer drooling.
    nuf said,

  7. It kills me that those stores don't exist here...

  8. Ok that is the BEST day. I'm loving those photos Jenny!! So glad you're having fun here on the east coast! :)
    make your way a bit further north will ya??

  9. It was confiscated?
    Wow, they need to get a real job.
    Scary looking butter huh?
    Sorry about that.

    Never heard of Lucketts before but yowza, there's some gorgeous stuff there.
    I don't know how you passed up on those red doors. Probably a good thing or you would have had to turn it over to a TSA guy.

  10. Wow, that place looks amazing! That must've been the highlight of your trip, huh? :) I'm amazed you didn't just give in, rent a moving truck and just load it up with all the amazing things you saw :)

  11. Did you SEE Miss Mustard Seed?!!! Sooo jealous! She is my inspiration--WAIT! I just saw she commented on this post ... [sigh]