Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Morning, Baltimore!

Landing at BWI at 11:45 pm Wednesday night wasn't the epitome of introductions to Maryland.

This is what greeted me the next morning:
Brad had used his persuasive lawyer skills to get us a room on the 29th floor, harbor view.  Wow.  What a beautiful city!
Brad was in class all day Thursday, so I spent some time searching the internet for salvage yards and thrift stores and antique shops to keep me busy.  I was not disappointed.

Second Chance, Inc., is a set of four WAREHOUSES full of salvaged architectural pieces, furniture, whatever.  I spent two hours wandering the aisles, dreaming of what I could do with their treasures.

Stained and clear windows, as far as I could see.
This window was especially impressive.  I wanted to find a way to ship some of the treasure home--in particular two salvaged transom windows.  They just don't have those here in AZ.  Alas, completely impractical.  But a girl can dream, right?
I know I just redid a couch, but who wouldn't love this one?  Only $199.  I never figured a successful route for it to travel to AZ, so in the thrift store it stayed.

I drove everywhere in the city--thank you, smart phone and your navigation system.  I found thrift stores, junk shops, antique stores, garage sales, and every neighborhood had their own beautiful architecture.

I had to snap a picture of this radio--not because it was so gorgeous or anything, but because I was in this darling antique shop, managed by two old ladies whose cumulative ages had to surpass 160, and this radio was on the shelf, staged and plugged in--belting out "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga.  I laughed out loud.  Really?  Lady Gaga?

Can't even remember how many stores I perused, and all I bought was a silver plated platter for a project I'm working on.  But, for the first time in recent memory, just the discovery and adventure was way more fulfilling than armfuls of parcels.  It was an absolutely perfect day.

And to top off this perfect day, I spent the evening with my husband at a nice restaurant, enjoying Maryland's famous crab cakes.  Yes, they are everything you've heard, and worth every calorie. 

And that's just the first day, folks.


  1. I'm still trying to get over the view from the hotel room. Sheesh!

    And WOW.


  2. How absolutely fun for you!
    The view is gorgeous.
    Never been there so take lots of pictures.

    Have a blast!

    Oh, and behave.

  3. FUN!!!! I'm so in love with that couch that you coudln't take home. So fabulous! So glad you're having such a great time, and you're so adventurous.

  4. I love how you spent your day! What a fun time, and it cost hardly more than the gas to putter around town it sounds like. Love it! Can't wait to hear about more :)

  5. Wow what a great day! Oh, and crab cakes... now I can't stop thinking about them. I loved all of your pictures.

  6. Such a beautiful view of the Harbor! I love a great hotel room :-D
    Had to laugh because you and I would have spent our days very differently as I am a girl who loves history and would have been going to every historical site nearby, but I like how you spent your day too, although it is frustrating to see beautiful things you can't have.
    The crab cakes sound marvelous!

  7. We usually do a day trip to inner harbor once a year...love it there! But now I am thinking my husband and I should make a date of it and hit some of those warehouses! I want some of those lockers!

    Thanks for your comment...I love the idea of taping off the wall and painting around it with more room left for recording. I need to tell hubby about your idea!

  8. I love that photo of the graveyard. When we were back east during the summer one of my favorite stops was this old graveyard we came across in New Haven, Connecticut.

  9. Jen, you do know I live to visit these kinds of warehouses right? And we have so few here where I live. Oh we would have had fun! I'm sure Brad wouldn't have minded a third wheel : )

  10. Oh wow, that view from your hotel is just amazing! Go Brad and his lawyer skills!

    Looks like you had a grand time visiting all those antique shops and second hand stores :)

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