Monday, October 24, 2011

. . . Dear Evie . . .

October 23--Evie's big day.

It began with Lily making a chocolate cake . . .
. . . with two assistants . . .
. . . who were willing to perform any task necessary.
Then came presents.  By this point in the evening, Evie was a little less than enthusiastic about the whole birthday thing.  Luckily, she has big siblings who helped unwrap presents and got excited for her.
. . . Bitty Baby was a hit . . .
. . . especially the bottle.
Everyone wanted to get in on feeding and burping, even Hyrum took a turn.  That was a little unexpected.

And then, of course, the cake.  Hyrum insisted it have sprinkles.

We skyped in Heidi, Sam, and Ellie, and Evie couldn't take her eyes off the computer and "ELLL-IIEEE" long enough to care about the candles.  Once again, a great time to be the youngest--everyone else huffed and puffed them out for her.
She didn't need any direction when it came to diving into the cake--but she did require a fork.  Dainty little girlie.

The kids were patient for a little while, but they just couldn't stand it.  So I let them all dig in with her.  It quickly became a free-for-all . . .

. . . and ended with a cake carcass.  No one seemed to mind, especially when I told them this morning that they could take "cake gobs" in their lunches.  Much more fun than any slice of plain old cake ever was.

My Eve Diana.

Two years ago . . . 
One year ago . . .
And just yesterday . . .
I can't imagine my life without this happy, spunky, beautiful, sweet, loving, cranky, darling daughter.

Happy Birthday, Evie!


  1. She is such a bright-eyed little beauty!


  2. It was a great birthday for all of us. Little sweetie.

  3. She is a beautiful little girl. I love her big eyes. Hey...look at that hair, it's getting longer. My kiddos (especially my girls) were bald until about 3 years old.
    I love that the kiddos are licking the chocolate off the that's what I'm talkin' bout.
    Happy Birthday Evie.

  4. Sometimes, Evie looks like she's straight from Whoville. What a darling girl.

  5. She's so stinkin' cute! And growing up so fast! Happy Birthday, Evie Girl!

  6. Look how much her hair has grown in the last year! How fun to have family Skype in--technology is so amazing! Happy Birthday Evie!

  7. A great birthday post Jen. You are so much fun. Cake gobs,.. of course that is way tastier. I need to learn to let loose a bit more. They will remember this birthday with their sister!

  8. So very precious! She really is your whole family's little baby! How cool to be the youngest!Yay for Evie! Happy Birthday!

  9. Two already. WOW! Happy Birthday to her. Love that they had a cake free for all. And Ben was missing from those pics, why? She's such a cutie.

  10. Happy Birthday Evie! May life always be as wondrous as it is at two!

  11. What a little doll! Those eyes.....

  12. She's so darling!
    Totally a heart stealer!

    Cake gobs....that sorta looks really really good.

    Cute that she had more fun on skype. Isn't technology amazing?

  13. wow time went by fast....i can remember reading ur blog before she turned on earth can she be 2? slow down little E

  14. I miss my little slide buddy!! She is growing up fast! Happy birthday yesterday Evie!!

  15. she is so darling. How many years do you let them eat the cake whole? Why should we stop at one year?

    love it

  16. Oh my word - cuteness! Happy Birthday!!!

  17. So cute! Love the "Cake gobs" idea for lunches. My yahoos would love that too! Happy Birthday, Evie!