Friday, October 21, 2011

No Foto Friday, Just Answers and a Pilgrimage

Just a quick post from out here on the East Coast. 

I had a few people ask me why I didn't blanch my peaches, because it would be so much easier, etc.  I didn't blanch them because my kiddos are too young to work with their boiling slippery-ness, so we peeled them.  And I must say, I actually liked it better.  It kept the kitchen cooler and less slimy, that's for sure.

And as for the orange pillow on my new couch?  I bought that silk fabric at the same time I bought the couch fabric--$7.99 a yard for 100% SILK!!  I made two pillows, used pillow forms I already had, for four bucks a pillow.  Did I mention they're silk?  I love that store--the name of the store is SAS, and I don't know if they have them anywhere in the country besides AZ.  It's a factory seconds/bolt ends/garbage dump/rummage sale for fabric.  It's so fantastic.  You can't ever go expecting to find a specific fabric, but if you are flexible, you can really find a steal or two (or four).  If you're ever in AZ, stop by my house and I'll take you (and if you live here and want to go, I'm always up for a trip!).

As for vacation, I'll post about that next week.  Loving every minute.  I didn't have any real plan for today and Brad has class, so I decided to make a quick pilgrimage to Leesburg, VA, and drop in on Miss Mustard Seed's shop.  I can't wait, and I promise I'll take a few (dozen!) pictures.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm SO jealous! I would love to be there shopping at lucketts with you today- enjoy. Can't wait to see your finds when you get back.

  2. I spent a happy couple of hours at SAS yesterday. My Mom bought all my wedding dress fabric and lace there.

  3. Have a great time, Jen. I know you will!


  4. I learned you can throw the peaches in the freezer and let them freeze hard (do not wash first) and when they come out run a little cool water in the sink and the peels come off easy peasy. You then have to wait a little bit until they are softer to cut them up but it works or you can leave them in the freezer, in a ziplock for up to six months and have fresh peaches any time with no fuss no muss.

    Have fun back east!

  5. NO FAIR, you're in VA? Lucky you! Can't wait to hear how the pilgramage went. I do enjoy me some SAS. Who has all the kids?

  6. love Karen's tip on peaches, and thanks for sharing your experience also. I'll have to try that next summer! Hope you have a fabulous trip, when are you coming up my way? :)

  7. Enjoy your trip! And next time I come to Arizona, I SO want you to take me to that fabric store!