Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza, Part Two

April-June 2011 will go down in my life history as three of the most memorable months of my entire life.


I started off the month with a series of posts on everyday miracles--the return of my repaired hand, the scent of AZ in the spring, and for the love of books.

I answered questions from readers--work, groceries, family size, and how Brad and I met. I also vented quite loudly on today's parenting problems and why kids won't leave home.

I tried my hand at the Red Dress writing prompt, got back on my bike, and embarrassed Tucker almost to death.  Follow the link to his post for an even funnier version of the experience.

I documented the conclusion of my Institute class, not knowing at the time that it would be the very last class, not just the end of the semester.  A big piece of me misses that experience--every single day.

May 2011 will go down as the month of my life that contains the most gigantic life-altering experiences.

Tucker and I headed to CA for a few days, just before I became  . . . a grandma.  I remember writing this post on the shuttle from SLC to Rexburg, and it's one of my top five of the year.
Life got more emotional than the transition to grandma--Tucker left for his mission in New York City.
He's been gone almost seven months now, and I still tear up when I read this post and see these pictures.
These two monumental changes in life, along with being released from teaching Institute, left me empty and exhausted--it took me a few weeks to return to a new normal.

I hosted a linky party about the most important thing I can teach my kids, and I was surprised when part of it was quoted in Church the next Sunday!

Brad's baby brother got married and this has to be my favorite funny picture of the year.

And I captured this image as my little boys were scrubbing the Suburban--another of my favorites.

Another huge lesson from the year--Hyrum reminded me that mothering is more important than teaching.

We went camping, I redid my hobby room with a new shutter board and ribbon hutch, and then . . .

 Lily gave me the first part of the greatest lesson I learned all year--just jump.  To be continued in July . . .

Ladies, thank you for hosting this linky party.  It takes so much time to review all the posts from the year, but it has been a treat for me to remember what happened, when it happened, and what I've learned over the course of twelve months.  I hope I don't have to repeat a month like May 2011 ever again in my life.


  1. This is such a great series, only problem-it really brings home how long I've been gone! Miss seeing you and your family.

  2. I love all of your pictures. I'm going back to read through some of your links now.
    Thanks for recapping with us!

  3. i love ur year in review...

    (i think i have a goldfish pic like that too)

  4. What a fun read! I've been reading other's extravaganzas and totally enjoying myself.

    You are such a great photographer.

  5. That was a great look-back.
    I love that you know that mothering can be more important than teaching.

  6. Okay that last picture! Wow stunning, it just takes my breath away. What an awesome awesome capture- the colors, the light. And same with the car washing!

    I clicked on four the links, off to read them now.

    Thank you for the nice things you said about the review and I have your point recorded.

  7. I love your recap! I am so thankful I've NOT become a grandma yet. I just can't go there yet lol. I'm not old enough for any of it. I still have a baby! (Ok, well, he's 7 - but he's still my baby!). So thankful to have met you and can't wait to read more of your blog!

  8. I love the way you write! It's been fun for me to read through some of your earlier stories.

    I can see why some quoted "The Most Important Think I Can Teach my Kids" in church. I agree. :)

  9. i really love those 2 silhouette photos, what's your secret, they are fabulous!! love these year-end views, but boy oh boy was May ever a doozy - if that were me, i'd still be in recovery ;)