Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Frustration and Festivity

It's that time in the season when, no matter how well I've prepared and how much I've done in advance, life begins crashing down around me. 

Thought my shopping was done until I went to wrap the Brubakers' and Tucker's presents for their packages.  Somehow one gift disapparated--no problem. Quick trip to the bookstore. 

I wanted to put together a quick photo album to send to Tucker.  Now, for those of you reading my blog, you know that I should know my way around Picasa and  Google and . . . the Sam's Club photo site.  I fought that site and my Picasa for 94 minutes (yep--I timed it) until I gave up in frustration and a few tears. What the  . .. ?  I somehow could not access the album I had made.  Don't get me started.

I'm ready to mail both packages tomorrow ( I know.  So last minute, especially since I've been bragging that it was all done, right?) EXCEPT for the photos.  Brad spent the whole day in Bullhead City (lucky guy), but he should be able to wave his wand and make them upload to the website.  Then I'll just need to pick them up, shove them in the album and dash off to the UPS store (not taking a chance with USPS, sorry).

I'm exhausted.  I've hosted three parties of various sizes (dessert and drinks for book club, full informal buffet with presents and pinata for Brad's work, and a sit-down formal dinner for the twelve widows in our ward) in the last thirteen days.  One more to go.

I'm sick.  My head is full of snot and sneezes and grouchy germs.  Nothing seems to make it feel better unless I'm sipping wassail.  Glad I have a smidge left over from last night's dinner.

I'm going to bed now.  Hopefully the Grinch will have disappparated along with Sam's missing gift, because tomorrow I'm headed to preview the auction.  That'll make me feel better, just you wait and see.

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  1. I'm sorry that you're feeling tired, ill and frustrated. You've been going full-tilt for some time now. I hope you get a chance to slow down and to be on the receiving end of some Christmas solicitousness!

  2. it's the post office tomorrow that i fear for you for. we didn't not have the greatest experience there today. my kids were both sick this week, and i've found myself talking in a "loud" voice to my kids a lot. i wish there was a way to enjoy december AND good health with lots of great sleep, but i just haven't mastered it yet. b/c before kids, there were finals. feel better!

  3. I'm with you! The grouchies hit me like a sack of bricks today. I really had no chance! Hopefully we'll both be back to our cheery selves tomorrow and the Christmas spirit will come back in full force! (And I thought I was done shopping just keeps coming!)

  4. Being sick and busy is NOT a good combination. Hope you throw off the sniffles soon. Can't believe you've done so many dinners. I've only done one here and one at the church. Then we're having one this Sunday at church, but the YA are doing it.

    Hang in, Jen. And I hope your hubby gets those pics to cooperate!


  5. Slow down! The last thing you want is illness over Christmas. Hope you feel tons better soon!

  6. That really stinks about your photo album. I use Shutterfly to make mine...then I save it and wait for them to have 30-40% off and then buy it. They're beautiful books.
    Hope you feel better...have FUN at the auction!

  7. I feel for you.
    Nothing more frustrating than the gifts that YOU know are done and yet they won't work.
    I had a few tears last week doing the very same dang thing.

    Hope it gets done and you get feeling better.

  8. I want to go to the preview auction with you. Maybe I'll feel better too.

  9. ay ay ay, woman! thou doest too much, saith I!! But what good things you do. I know those widows must be so grateful for someone like you.

  10. this HAS been a week for you!
    hope the sniffles are gone tomorrow
    i had problems with sams photo site too?!?!weird!

  11. I've been sick with that crud going on two weeks. After two trips to the doctor, I am starting to feel better. Hope you feel better soon!~Ames

  12. Better take a flask with wassail with you! Get well soon!

  13. oooh, jenny, i've so been there with technology ... and it's only when you reeeeally need it to work that it freezes for no reason ... ugh. i'm especially sorry that yours happened on shipping day - now THAT would have put me right over the edge for sure!

  14. Every year without Fail I Forget where I put at least one gift and it is never Found again...

    Thanks for this Fantastic link to the letter "F"!

    Fond wishes For a Fabulous 2012!