Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mr. Postman

Most of the Christmas cards have been sent.  I have a few hanging around that still need updated addresses, but they will join the others soon.

Christmas cards are one of my favorite things of the Christmas season--going to the mailbox and finding an actual letter is so exhilarating!

I always keep all the cards from the previous year, wadded in a box and still tied on the display garland from the year before.  It brings back all the memories from the last year.

When I reread a few this year, I was struck by how life changes so much in a year.

One card had a grandma, grandpa, all their kids and grandkids.  Their youngest son wasn't married, and this year, just before Christmas, he will marry a girl who grew up less than a quarter mile away.

One card pictured a smiling family with four kids.  Although I know their family as struggles just like everyone, I know this family tries to be happy.  This year, their card was missing a child due to a custody issue with Mom, and their baby daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, so her hair had been trimmed in a preemptive strike against the chemo.

Some cards have new addresses this year, or new babies, or new in-laws.

And some seem to falter then fade as the years go by, leaving me to wonder where they are and what they're up to.

My own card this year was new--only five kids and no letter.  My nest is beginning to empty.  It will be a slow trickle from here on out, luckily.

From all of us here at the Denton Sanatorium


  1. LOVE the black and white with the Christmas colors! This is also my favorite time of year to get things other than bills:)

  2. There are not as many cards as in years past, but the ones that come are precious. Your Christmas photo is a winner!

  3. I LOVE Evie in the back on the rock. So great!

  4. I keep my cards too. My favorite is a "time line" so to speak of the dad's slowly balding head. Over the last 20 or so years, if lined up in consecutive order you can see the changes. Is that bad of me to focus on that and not their children. Oh dear, my honesty always gets me in trouble.

  5. What an awesome card you put together Jen! I went with black and white this year too!

  6. It was such a cute card, Jen. And I was glad to get it!


  7. I am with you - One of my favorite things is Christmas cards - I love to get them and I love to send them! It is great to connect with so many people in our lives with a handwritten note and a picture.

    I keep all the pictures from everyone's Christmas cards up all year and it is one of the highlights of my home - I love it and so does everyone who walks in the door. It is fun to see how people change from year to year.

    Your card is great! The family definately dwindles and then grows again :-D

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Your so right, things can REALLY change in a years time!

    Love your cards, beautiful :)

  9. I love your holiday card :)

    I love sending and receiving Christmas cards too which is why it's killing me this year since I won't be sending any out. There's just not enough time this year and rather than try to cram it into my schedule, I had to let that one go.

  10. love the x'mas card in every way ... great photos, great layout, great sentiment, great choice with b/w pics and card colors - love it in every way!! beautiful!!