Friday, January 13, 2012

Foto Friday--First Foray into Lightroom

Hyrum wrote a letter to Tucker and when the mail truck drove up, he raced into the house, grabbed the sealed envelope and handed it to the mailman.
He ran excitedly back to me, exclaiming, "I gave him Tucker's letter."
I explained that we hadn't put a stamp on it yet, so Tucker wouldn't get it. Hyrum sprinted back to the mail truck, asked for his letter back, ran into the house for a stamp and handed it back to the mailman.
This time, when I explained that the letter still wouldn't get to New York because we hadn't addressed it, Hyrum dejectedly got it back and promptly sulked on the sidewalk. His plan had been foiled.

Tucker will still get his letter.

I wanted to post a video today, but somehow technical difficulties got in the way.  Maybe Monday.

Happy weekend, folks. Hope some of you get the snow you've been dreaming of all winter.

Taking some time with my camera this weekend--I'm going to keep practicing with Lightroom. Thanks, Kara.


  1. I like the light and color in the photo of Hyrum.


  2. Katie said it snowed a lot there and she got some cute pictures of the girls. She, however, is NOT happy about the snow!

  3. i love siblings. so so cute.

  4. Awe poor guy! So sweet how excited he was. And I saw your comment- so feel free to link up whenever you get it working- linky is open through Wednesday and can always link up next week too.

    Have you been getting packages in the mail?

  5. Awww...poor little guy. Those mailman can be soooo difficult! Neat picture!