Thursday, January 12, 2012

H is for . . .

image from here
. . .  Hammered.

Not in the college spring break kind of way.

But in the
mom of two kids with the flu
chairman of PTO-teacher luncheon
auction addict gone wrong (more on that next week)
projects and painting and sanding
not enough sleep EVER

kind of way.

My fitbit recorded over 18,000 steps just yesterday.  I'm exhausted.  Gratefully, I think the flu is over, so I should be able to sleep.

Linking up to H with Jenny Matlock.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Good sleep cures so many problems. I hope you get some soon.


  2. Maybe you can get some extra sleep this weekend... Hopefully. Oh my winner's package for you should arrive today- that might help the day be Better :)

  3. hoping you get some sleep Jenny. thinking of you my friend xo

  4. I always slept well when I was sick, but if you have small kids then sleeping is a luxury you don't have. I hope y'all get well soon.

  5. Here's to some well deserved rest. Can't wait to here about an addiction gone wrong though : )

  6. I'm with Dana, reaaaally curious about the auction addiction!

    Glad it looks like the flu has run its course, though!


  7. Hammered sounds accurate! I'm glad you're feeling better, now if you could just take a vacation before getting back to everything else!

  8. oh friend i hear ya on hammered...

    little dude friend slept from 8-7:20 this think i would have had the best sleep in the world...wrong...the one night hubs chooses to snore so loudly that 5 states could hear him. i beat him all night and was up from 2-5 while he slept like a baby....


  9. Good word to describe your life right now -hope it gets ironed out.

  10. Oh this is great, and through it all it's so wonderful to see that you have kept your humor!!!

  11. Hammered is a great description for a busy life.

    Hope you do get the rest you need.

    Visiting from alphabe-thursday.


  12. You need a break my friend!
    You poor thing!

  13. hoping the worst is over ... sending restful sleep vibes your way :)

  14. Throw away the hammer...and get some good sleep!

  15. Wow!
    You are a little busy. Why don't you take on a coupla more some Valentines homeroom mother thing....

    I got a fitbit for Christmas. I sorta love it a lot.

    Hope you get caught up.
    I'm a little excited to read about the auction gone wrong, I'm not gonna lie. (I paid 17.00 for a sheet of scrapbook paper once....a single 12x12 sheet)

  16. What a very cool picture!!
    You poor overworked Mama! And if it isn't sickness it is something else. Sigh.
    Take the rest while you can.

  17. H is for headache...the kind that comes from being hammered. :( Hope you get a much needed break!

  18. omgosh i feel for you ... I hope you get some time to rest.

  19. Hi Jen,

    First of all, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

    I hope you don't feel hammered anymore. ;) I missed Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday last week, but I hope I will sneak in the H with the I this week! :)

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  20. YIKES! Here's to getting rid of that darn hammer! Feel better very soon!

  21. Auction addict?

    I'm not sure if it would be a good thing if I learned more about this! ha!

    I'm sorry you were so hammered. I hope you're all better now!

    Thanks for a cute link to the letter H!