Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Begun

Monday morning I first noticed it.

Today it was just a bit stronger.

Citrus blossom season is here: that time of year when the air becomes tangible, palpable, almost edible--weighted with the fragrance from millions of white, star-shaped blooms.

If I could bottle it and send it to you all, I would.  There really is nothing else like it in all the world.

And it should last almost two weeks.


  1. I noticed too... Then the other trees bloom and the jasmine. It is heavenly!

  2. A smell I have always wished I could smell!

  3. I had a Spring baby in Phoenix.
    She was born on April 2nd...when the blossoms were in full bloom.
    Because she was a planned homebirth,
    I got to walk around our backyard while in labor--and to this day, nearly 17 years later, one of the wonderful memories I have is the smell of sweet orange blossoms wafting in the air all around me.
    It was such a gift.

  4. i am the MOST jealous i have ever been.

  5. ohhhh there is nothing like the bloom of those sweet suckers...lucky lucky you

  6. I grew up with over a dozen orange trees in our yard. And my whole neighborhood had the same. The smell was amazing!


  7. There is absolutely nothing like the smell of a citrus grove in bloom. Intoxicating.

  8. i'm envious of the early start to spring you guys have ... between the citrus blossoms and the gorgeous flowers below, the grass is definitely looking greener over where you are - literally!

    just got caught up over here - your most recent auction transformations are so impressive - you amaze me! that couch is especially great, i love it! how's the potty going with evy? dare i ask?

  9. When you did your gift exchange on your blog, I was the receipient of 8, large, beautiful, juice lemons. I believe the person who sent my gifts was from AZ. I would love to send a thank you email to her, so if you happen to know her email address......
    I used to have 8 lemon trees when I lived in California....I miss the fragrance.