Thursday, March 8, 2012


We've driven north to Idaho or Utah maybe 35 times in the sixteen years we've lived in AZ.

When we drove to Idaho last month to visit Heidi, Sam and Ellie, we experienced a first.
 I was so glad I wasn't alone when this happened--two strong men to the rescue.
 We were ten miles north of The Gap, AZ (google earth it--you'll see middle of nowhere if you've never been there before), and it was cold--35 degrees with the wind howling.

The kids wrapped up in blankets and jackets and we set off exploring while the men tended to their work.
 Little legs couldn't keep up with the big kids in this kind of terrain.
 Although cold, it was such a beautiful morning.
 Can you tell what that plaid lump is?  Lily got so cold that she just curled up on top of her suitcase to block out the wind.
 Queen of the car
 This much be a mean stretch of road--we found four hubcaps, two shredded tires, and dozens of beer bottles.
 Soon enough, we were back on our way.  Lake Powell was calm and beautiful.
 Did the kids notice?  What do you think?
This must have been a very intense part of Star Wars:  The Clone Wars.  Who cares about a view?

Linking our popped tire up to P at Jenny Matlock's today.
Jenny Matlock


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm glad you got it fixed up and were on your way!

  2. The extra hub caps and shredded bits of tire are what came first, out of frustration, the beer came next.
    Glad to see you made the most of a crummy situation and took a little tour instead of drowning your frustration as those who came before you did.

  3. That's quite a journey. Years ago, when our children were little we'd make the long drive to visit my parents. It would take us through Algonquin Park, and at that time there was nothing from one end to the other by trees, lakes and questionable road - beautiful on a sunny day in summer, but worrisome in mid-winter when a breakdown can have tragic consequences. We'd always carry blankets, flares, matches and chocolate bars (the latter were always eaten whether or not there was an emergency).
    It's a good thing you had those two burly men to fix that tire!

  4. looks like a trip the kids will never forget. . .especially Lily:)

    real women drive suburbans:)

  5. So glad everyone is okay, but you sure bring memories for me. My grandfather lived in Florence for ever it seemed, and we went to Coolidge often, which I think is very close to Gap, Az, as I seem to recall the rather nothing city as so many of them are out there. My grandpa always made a big deal about having extra water in our vehicles too, to drink or for the car! The Star Wars movie held their attention I'm sure, and some of the land out there could be a great place to film that movie! Very fun post....the pictures (especially the little Princess) so precious!

  6. Sorry about your tire...seems like you made the most of it! Whever you sure looks gorgeous!

  7. a flat tire in the middle of nowhere is the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night ... no tire-savvy menfolk on my roadtrips :( LOVE that photo of lake powell ... gorgeous!

  8. I sure wish we'd had one of those DVD players for the car when MY kids were younger!

  9. Last pic cracks me up! Love the view. We've never been there before. Looks just like it does in movies!

  10. I'm like you - don't know a thing about changing tires! What is it about Star Wars? It's been a hit for SO long. Hope the rest of your trip was pleasant! {:-D

  11. Those Clone Wars are intense. So far we have been lucky enough to NEVER have a flat tire on a least not since we had kids.

  12. I hope you stopped to shop at the Gap. I love that place.

  13. What a beautiful place ... gorgeous scenery ... My tire popped a couple of weeks ago, it had a giant screw stuck through it ... i keep up my BCAA membership so a tow truck can fix my tires ... i know nothing about changing my tires.

  14. When i looked at the lake and the mtns i could serioulsy **feel** the silence! Oh to be there...i would be enjoying the view for sure!:)
    have a happy day jen

  15. Thank goodness you had those two to help- and the others to help explore. What fun memories to build, even the unexpected ones!

  16. It's funny how pictures never capture that cool wind. I always wonder what I would do if we had a flat. I know I wouldn't be able to change it. It's likely one of the things you will always remember as a family. And I thought our seven hour drives were long. Phew!

  17. Great photos, Jen. And a really fun post, too. I always love pics of your family, and I cracked up that Lily was laying there like a lump of laundry.


  18. Jen, what great photos! This is a perfect example of lemonade, when the lemons appear!!

  19. ahhh, those road trips...we just did SLC to SF...and will do it in reverse on Monday....bummer about the flat, though.

  20. sean got a flat last week and called to tell me he was going to change it and then go in for a new tire. i had no idea he even knew how to change a tire. glad yours got taken care of too.

  21. I'm so glad you got on your way safely...especially in such an out of the way spot.

    I loved the curled up on the suitcase picture. What a sweet child...and the rapt expressions on your kids faces.

    Thank heavens for movie screens in cars!

    Thanks for linking up to Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'P'.

    This made me smile.