Monday, April 9, 2012

Buying a New Car--Installment #3 NOT YET!

There she is.  Beautiful, isn't she?

But what is that above the rear tire?
Does it make any difference that Ben feels REALLY bad?

Didn't make any difference to me, either.

It's in the shop today.  They said it should buff right out.

Teenagers.  Sigh.


  1. Teenagers and two year olds! Thank heavens for buffing ;).

  2. I have two teenagers. One driving, one learning to drive...they both did this one different vehicles within a week of each other...sigh!

  3. That's why we don't let our kids drive the Suburban! Ha! We have one that started driving a year ago and another that just got her permit. They get to drive our van. (Maybe it's ME that shouldn't be driving the Suburban though - I've put a couple dings in it over the years!)

  4. Hi, Jenny I understand how it feels when a beautiful car like this suddenly gets a scratch. Such is an inevitable occurrence that can happen to every car owner. Your story reminded me of my very first car that got a scratch when I had my first driving test. That experience trained me to practice to observe diligence in driving.

    Miroslav Keller