Monday, April 9, 2012

Elbow Grease and Paint Pants: Just Because It Was There

I often rearrange my rooms, searching for the perfect placement and look.  Couches in, couches out, chairs back and forth, and musical accessories--love to play that game.  Things always look different in a different place or with other "new" objects.

One corner of my family room has been empty for years, simply because I could never find anything that was tall enough, thin enough, and visually light enough not to compete with the television and window.

One day while I was perusing the latest auction (I know you're all surprised right now), I saw a floor fan that sparked my curiosity.  I couldn't tell anything about it from the picture, so I went to see it before bidding.

 It was even better than I expected--vintage industrial in pristine condition.

Over six feet tall at its lowest setting, this fan telescopes up to over eight feet--for use in its previous life as an outdoor fan.
 It weighs over 80 pounds.
 I love the lines and how it holds little visual weight but makes a huge statement.  

Lucky for me we have A/C, because I'm pretty sure they used a lawnmower blade in place of the standard fan blade.  It would easily chop off a finger.  Or a tongue.  Or a stick.  Or whatever may be placed in its way.

Best thing of all?  It works.  That thing could blow over a small unattended child.  It's kind of a family joke--whenever a visitor admires the fan, a member of my family will ask if they want a demonstration of the force behind it.  Seriously, it's amazing.  The latest casualty was almost my curtains behind it.  Brad was on top of things, thank goodness, and he rescued the panel before was chopped into confetti and blown all over the family room.

No real lesson learned, but wow.  I do love it!

Until next week,
Going once, going twice . . .


  1. Oh Jen - you are woman living close to the edge! That fan is gorgeous....and lethal!

  2. I LOVE that fan!! Your family room looks fabulous! :)

  3. The fan is awesome! So, so cool. I'm amazed you found that in such beautiful condition. And, I think it's hilarious that you ask guests if they'd like a demonstration!

    By the way, tell me about that green dresser/sideboard you have behind your couch. I love it! Is it a piece you re-did?

  4. Fabulous find! I can totally see the curtains bits flying all over the room. Glad he got it in time! whew!
    That room is so cozy and inviting!

  5. You're right. That thing looks great!

    And so does your whole room!!


  6. I shouldn't have laughed....but i can only picture kids purposely throwing things in it to see what shreds (ok my kids)

    and yes....why is it kids want to stick their tongues in fans?

    I thought of you a few weeks ago...I scored a solid wood desk for kate's room for $30. It's in horrible shape, but the bones are terrific. even had the original hardware in one of the drawers. I told kate it was "our" project to sand and paint and search for knobs for her room....she's thrilled....

    the child has no idea how long sanding this sucker is gonna take....i can already see her sitting down sipping lemonade while watching her momma!!!

    no matter...i enjoy having these moments with her

  7. The curtain episode is something that would happen to me. And yes, I'd love the fan anyway. Good buy!

  8. It looks great. I was wondering about actually using it. Yikes. Laura's kids have to be related to

  9. I would never think of a fan as decor- but it totally works.