Thursday, April 12, 2012

Under 400

As of midnight tonight, there will be 399 days until Tucker comes home.
 One sticker every day for the past 331 days.
In some ways the time seems to have flown by, but in most ways, it's really dragging.

I hope he's changed a lot.
And yet, I hope he's still the same.

If you'd like to read Elder Denton's letters, you can find them here.

I miss that boy/man.  A lot.

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Jenny Matlock


  1. Me too...*sigh*
    Almost half way!!!

    and thanks for posting pictures. :)

  2. My son's missions just dragged by for me. But the joy of welcoming them home is worth it!


  3. I hope those days fly by for you.

    Herding Cats

  4. The first year dragged by for me but the second year went super fast.
    I hope it is the same for you!
    I love the little shrine you have for him (wink!).

  5. I bet he will be both...changed and still the same. Sending you a BIG hug Jenny!

  6. And change he will. You can't serve the Lord 24 hours a day, for 2 years and not change.

  7. I don't know how you're doing it - you are made of better stuff than I.
    And your son....well, he's something special.

  8. Wishing/Praying for peace and safety for him and you until he is back home!

  9. I can not believe it's been almost a year! Think of all that has changed in a year!

  10. He sounds like aan Unbelievably remarkable young man...

    Excellent post for the letter "U"!

    Thanks for linking.

    Sending prayers for the days to fly by...