Friday, April 13, 2012

Foto Friday--Do You Think It Was Time?

Time for haircuts around here or not?
 A little curl around Hyrum's ear.

Ben's was too long to gel in a spiky upright position.
 I tried to convince him to leave it longer, especially after a few girls at school told him it looked good long.  If the girls can't convince him, neither can Mom.

And the worst perpetrator of all . . .
The second we told him he was beginning to look like Justin Bieber he was all about a haircut.

How does it happen overnight that hair has to be cut RIGHT NOW?

Have a great weekend.  We are going to have our last beautiful cool weather before summer hits--maybe rain and 64 tomorrow and only 79 and sunny on Sunday.  By Tuesday it will be over 90, and I know from experience that that is the last time we'll see under 90 for a while.


  1. If only my hair would grow as fast as my boys. No such luck!

  2. Hair is funny like that, isn't it? One day it's fine, and the next it's totally out of control. Enjoy the cool!

  3. I like the Justin Bieber idea. I have a feeling that will make my 10 year old grandson submit to his haircuts a little more easily.


  4. The Biebs aside, Micah's hair was looking awesome. (This is coming from the guy who hasn't had a haircut since December.)

  5. I think your barber chair was unused for far too long. Where are the after shots?