Sunday, April 15, 2012

Funny Things from Around These Parts . . .

. . . or as Ben said one night as he was trying to avoid going to bed, "armed with witty aphorisms." 

Who says "witty aphorisms"?  My kid, that's who.

Ben also asked if my toenails were naturally that color.  When I said no, it was a gold-green polish, he replied, "Good.  I was hoping they weren't just yellowing with age."  That is gross.

Hyrum was quite upset one afternoon.  I came downstairs to find him huddled under his silky in front of the fridge.  When asked what was wrong, he responded, "Can't I get a little privacy?"

Micah's humor can't be well translated into written word, but let's just say that he has a wicked Flynn Rider (from Tangled) impression.  Smolders and raised eyebrows are hilarious on a seven-year-old.

And everything out of Evie's mouth is funny right now.  That girl could charm the pants off Obama if given the chance.  I've tried to get her recorded saying her funny stuff, but she instantly puts up her unfunny antics when on camera.

Just a few of the aphorisms from around these parts. I love having funny kids. Sometimes it saves their skin, if you know what I mean.


  1. I've always marveled at kids who preform on cue. . .mine have never!!

    Ahhhh, I never want to forget howb
    Funny my kids are!

  2. Good humor is all any family really needs! We have similiar issue with the video camera soon as it comes on he acts all weird!

  3. Nothing is funnier than a kid not trying to be funny.

  4. kids have had me running from the room so they don't see me laughing at times....their hide was saved too!

  5. Yes kids rarely ever perform fr the camera. And really, can't he just get some privacy? Hehe

  6. Many's the beating that would have occurred if my kids hadn't made me dissolve into hysterical laughter. Funny kids are the best. Thanks for sharing yours today - in my opinion, funny = smart.

  7. Thanks for the laugh so early in the morning Jen!! I could totally see the Flyn Rider smolder...and the nail polish cracked me up!
    Aubrey is coming into her own sense of humour too these days...must be the age!
    have a happy day jen