Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The View in My Kitchen

Did you miss me posting yesterday?  I've been really busy.

I changed these beauties from their embryonic stage

through this stage (you can't tell how monstrous this bowl is, but it has 32 cups of crushed strawberries in it)
to this final delectable freezer-stable stage.

36 three-cup containers of strawberry freezer jam (bottom right is the last container, not quite full).  When strawberries are two pounds for a dollar, you buy three flats of them, not fully thinking through how much work that is.  Then, when you get them home, blend up the berries and calculate how much sugar and pectin and how many containers that will actually take, you sigh, put on comfortable shoes, ignore the stickiness and dig in.  Then you take a second trip to the store when you realize your calculations were off just a bit--more sugar, more pectin, more containers.

Evie was helping me count, but when she repeated "eleven" for the third time, I knew I needed to enlist more advanced math skills.

Whew.  I'm exhausted.  Funny thing about this kind of work.  When you step back and look at what you've accomplished, it's a rewarding, good kind of exhausted.

I'm going back tomorrow morning for one more flat for smoothies.  That's easy work--remove the stem, throw in a bag, and freeze.

I can't stop looking at them.  Aren't they beautiful?

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  1. Where did you find them at that price - that's awesome!

  2. I laughed when I came to your post. I'm sitting in bed eating strawberries!

  3. That's really a lot of strawberry jam..

  4. A yummy post for letter V. Those little jars of red yumminess are going to be enjoyed for a long time!!

  5. 2 pounds for a dollar. 2 POUNDS for a DOLLAR! You have no idea how envious of you I am right now. And that is definitely a lot of strawberry jam you have there :)

  6. WOW!!!
    Oh how I wish i had just one!:)
    the girls are into making smoothies lately...maybe i should hit the store today too:)
    have a happy day jen

  7. I believe the strawberries will be much higher next year as the low prices this year will put so many out of business. Never seen strawberries as cheap as this year.

  8. Two pounds for a dollar?! I've never seen such a thing! There 4-$5.00 a pound here....sometimes on sale for $2.50. Anyway, that's a lot of strawberry jam you made!

  9. That us a lot of jam. Probably won't last as long as you think unfortunately. Unless you keep them under lock and key.
    I love that Evie can help so well. Hopefully she didn't count the cups is sugar and boxes of pectin.
    I buy pectIn by the case. Ive done strawberry marathons like that. NOTHING BETTER than mopping the floor when you are done.

  10. Where in the world can you find strawberries for so cheap? I LOVE strawberry jam!

  11. They do. And you are going to enjoy them all year long!


  12. They are beautiful! Just think how much enjoyment your family will get from them...

  13. I believe I can smell that wonderful strawberry smell!
    I wish I were your neighbour....I'd come over with a loaf or bread or two and hope for a wee exchange.

  14. I'm jealous of your freezer full of goodness!

  15. Absolutely awesome. I do the same thing, but with peaches.
    Funny to see Evie down to her knickers for this activity. Good thinking.

  16. Wow you have been busy. I always felt sorry for my mother when my father would bring home crates of tomatoes on the verge of going bad and tell her I'd like some Chow chow. There'd be a lot of drawer slamming going on.~Ames

  17. P.S. Do you have a recipe for the jam?~Ames

  18. what a great price for strawberries. Did you have to pick them yourself?

    i'm excited to see the prices finally dropping

    i can replenish my strawberry rhubarb supply in a few weeks!!!

    too bad i can't steal a few of your hard work for mine hee hee

  20. Hello.
    WE love strawberries, but we don't buy too many when they cost $4.00/pound. Happy eating! Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    The Violet Maiden

  21. That is a Very beautiful color of red...

    It is so rewarding when you step back and see all that you accomplished...

    Looks like your in for a Very tasty treat.

    Thanks for linking.