Friday, June 15, 2012

Foto Friday--Summertime Sleepover

One of my kids' favorite summer activities is cousin sleepovers.
This time, they waged epic battles and build impenetrable fortresses.  Here the Jedi and the Superheroes were fighting against an invasion from the Dark Side and a few giant bugs.  Good triumphed, FYI.

We ate pizza and ice cream and stayed up late and made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
Games were strewn everywhere, bedding was in unlikely places (like the floor of Lily's closet), and Mom paid the price the next day with grumpy, uncooperative, tired kids.  But it's worth it.

I'm so glad they have a few of their cousins close by.  We'll have to do it again before summer is over.


  1. They are lucky to have cousins living close. We did for the first half of our kids' childhoods but not for the second half.


  2. Cousin sleepovers were the only ones we allowed. We were always grateful for cousins

  3. i was supposed to make choc chip pancakes this morning....supposed to being the key words

    the girl cousins come in the summer to stay a few they get older they demand more from me haha

    now they like being with me in the kitchen...last year they wanted to decorate i got a flip flop cookie cutter and we had a blast

  4. You know this is the kind of thing summers are best remembered for! You are a great sport!