Sunday, June 17, 2012

Phineas and Ferb Are Wrong

Unlike the opening track for the popular cartoon, there are not 104 days of summer vacation in AZ.  Only 82 days for us this summer, my friends.

Every year for the last few years, we have made a summer list like this one.  But this year, what with me and the kiddos leaving for a month on The Grand Adventure, I approached our summer plans a little differently.

We sat down as a family and, in color-coded fashion (I'm a little OCD), we marked off when everyone would be gone and where they'd be.

Then, I told the kids what my four priorities were for them to accomplish every day this summer--practice the piano, write in their journal/workbook pages every day, read their scriptures daily, and, the hardest thing--only 30 minutes of TV a day.

At the close of every day, I write something special on the calendar that we did that day, something we want to remember at the end of the summer--and I cross the day off.

And I have to say--this system has worked amazingly well for us.  What has shocked me the most is how little they miss TV.  They read more (and they already read a lot), they imagine more, they play games together, and most importantly, they don't fight as much.  It's been fantastic so far.

We have less than a week until we leave for The Grand Adventure.  It's gonna be crazy around here this week.  Thanks for all your ideas!  I'm using them to plot a plan of action as I wash and fold and pack and sort and prepare!


  1. I love your summer calendar. We aren't very good about structure around here, but might be if we had one of those nifty summer calendars.
    Anything that disconnects the kids from the TV is good in my book. Well, as long as it's not a video game.

  2. I can't wait to hear regular reports (I hope!) on the adventure!

    Or at least, semi-regular???


  3. Hi Jen, sorry I've been quiet on the comment front lately - I'm gearing up for my reconstruction op next week and making sure I've got everything covered, all while hubby is out of town again. I am looking forward to hearing about and seeing your adventures - are you likely to blog while on your travels or will you keep us in suspense? I have great memories of my family car trip around the South Island of New Zealand when I was 14. We went for five weeks and covered most of the South Island - just a handful of places I haven't been to yet that I still want to visit. I'm sure your children will end up with some great memories to tuck away in their memory banks. Good luck and safe travels, Catherine PS Thanks for friending me on Facebook.

  4. haha my kids always remark at the same thing...(which playing in the background as i type)

    most excitement in this house this summer? bringing a new baby home....we're so boring here!

  5. Great idea! And love the no tv. Happy packing!