Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And Time Passes So Wondrously

I think I've truly found paradise on earth. I love everything about this area of the world. I love the peace. I love the purpose. I love the people.

The last few days have been low-key, rural PA days.

The kids discovered a "fort" in the trees and they've spent hours in it, even crawling through the culvert that passes under the road. I wish I had a video of Lily when she came out and lifted her hand, only to find an enormous spider underneath. As Hyrum says, "Lily totally freaked out!"

So many sticks. So little time. Stick are bows and arrows, swords, light sabers, walking sticks, pokers of siblings, tree whackers, friends. I never realized how few really cool sticks there are in AZ. And how many really cool sticks there are in PA.

Today we took some time to walk down Main Street Towanda, PA, population 2,815. We found a cool antique store where I fell in love with a fabulous dresser. Wish I could figure out a way to get that darling thing back to AZ.

We took an emergency potty stop in the courthouse, which heralded from its patriotic bunting and banners that it is Bradford County's 200th anniversary. The courthouse was beautiful inside, and outside we had to take pictures with the Civil War monument before it started raining. I love how it rains here for 30 or so minutes, then the clouds blow through and it's clear and beautiful again.

Then we drove another 20 miles to Mt. Pisgah State Park, where we found a beautiful lake to throw some sticks into. Our excitement at the beauty of the lake was short-lived, however, when Evie, who has loved picking raspberries every other day we've been here, popped two red berries of questionable origin into her mouth before anyone could stop her.

I love Dr. Google at moments like this. I couldn't find the exact berries, but I did find out a good way to test if berries are poisonous, you just have to be willing to take the test--squeeze a berry until it pops, then rub the juice over your lips, wait 30 minutes, and if they tingle or feel numb, the berry is poisonous. Normally I wouldn't be too willing to be the lab rat, but since there wasn't a single soul at the lake to tell us about the berry bush, I volunteered my lips.


We watched Evie closely for the next 30 minutes. Nothing.

I called poison control, and they said that unless she was already symptomatic, she would be fine.

Whew. That was a close one.

I let the kids continue playing in the most beautiful sand I've ever seen--and since it had just rained, it was like clay and they made sand balls and sand diapers (which made Evie giggle that her siblings were wearing diapers like she was) until I forced them to brush every single grain of sand from their bodies before getting into the Suburban. (You may recall my sand hatred. It's real, friends.)

A quick stop at the store before we headed home, and this was going to be the perfect trip (minus the berry scare). I was holding Evie's hand as we walked through the glass doors, but somehow she didn't judge where she was walking accurately, and she rammed her head smack into the steel door frame.

It took all of 23 seconds for the Towanda city goose egg winner to arrive on her cute little forehead. I asked for a bag at the food station, which I filled with ice and she held it to her own head until she pronounced "Owee all better!"

Not really. But the swelling is going down.

And the cap of our virtually perfect day? Rainbows and rainbows.

I love it here.
Have I mentioned that already?
The random factory picture? Micah saw that factory and exclaimed, "That's the coolest looking roller coaster ever!" Sorry, Mikes. Factory--not so cool.


  1. I love all the nontouristy activities you and the kids are doing. There is no way to know a place better than picking up sticks and digging in sand. That is the delightful nitty gritty.

  2. Poor little Evie! Reminds me of her Aunt Alisa and Albertsons.

  3. Ouch - what a goose egg! You are smack dab in my other 'neck of the woods'. I grew up in Williamsport PA - home of the Little League World Series - lots of picturesque places around there including the PA Grand Canyon in Wellsboro (although it doesn't compare to the 'other' Grand Canyon.:) I will be traveling some of those same roads later this week - I'm so glad you are enjoying my home state & can't wait to hear more of your adventures.

  4. Ohhh poor Evie! Other than that, it sounds like you're having the time of your life! Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, no doubt about it.

  5. I have been a reader of your blog for a little while now, and I've really enjoyed it. I just had to comment when I saw that you were in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Why? Because I live in Towanda! How strange to see pictures of places that I've been to before posted here. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Towanda, I love it here.

  6. this is reminding how much i miss iowa {yes, i know youre in penn, but it just reminds me of iowa a lot too.}

  7. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT STAYING!!! Even though it was 111 yesterday, Arizona misses you!!

  8. Ah, I love Pennsylvania. That picture of the lake, especially, just made me want to go back.

  9. I shall smile and say...I told you so. Now you know why my parents are hot to build their house out there. My dad owns 17 acres of that farmland. And now you know why I wish and WISH I could ever get back there and spend more time. It's been FAR to long since I've visited.

  10. That is an enormous goose-egg....but I guess it was bound to happen sooner than later.
    What a wonderful lot of 'remember whens' you're giving your kids.

  11. You're right. That's a nice goose egg. But it's on the forehead, which is the safest place to get one.

    Glad you are having fun! PA sounds wonderful.