Sunday, July 8, 2012

check this out

We've had a few adventures here in NE PA over the last few days. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting that I have to take pictures with my phone instead of my camera, so there is little photo evidence of our capers.

We did get to meet Kerri and Brady from www.thepleasuresofmylife.blogspot.comat Hershey World. Check out her pictures, since mine are still trapped in my camera. They were awesome, and I was happy to see that she was even more fun to talk to in person. She was so patient with the crazy kids from the Sanatorium and we had a great talk over ice cream cones. I know if we were neighbors, we would totally be friends. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to play with us, guys!

It was a fun but long day. By the time we were admitted to the "make your own candy bar" exhibit at 4:15 pm and waited in the 30-minute line, Evie was crashed on my shoulder, Micah was frustrated, Lily was impatient, and Hyrum dissolved into tears if you looked at him. This made for a cranky Mom, I can tell you. But it was really fun for the kids to make their own bars, and truth be told, you really can taste the difference from super fresh to wrapped in plastic for who knows how long.

The worst part of the whole vacation happened as we were leaving the parking lot--I backed into a minivan parked at a weird angle that I couldn't see in my mirror. No excuse, really, except for the distractions of four grumpy kids in my car. Hardly a scratch on my Suburban bumper, but there was sizable evidence on the other vehicle. I left a note, and an officer called me later than night for my insurance info and registration. All in all, not that huge of a deal. Just glad it's all being processed.

On Saturday, we were just relaxing around the little grey house when Mark, the owner and farmer, told Lily that one of the cows was in labor and would deliver any minute. If the kids got their mom and were really quiet, we could watch.

We sneaked into the barn and watched the mama--SunGod--struggle to deliver her calf. Mark had to leave for a memorial service, but he was back in less than 30 minutes. Right when he arrived, he realized the calf was breech and he jumped into action. Grabbing some baling twine and a cinch, he tied up the calf's legs, hooked the cinch to the stall's wall, and he quickly pulled the calf out. My kids were able to watch as Mama licked Baby Girl clean and then tried to stand. It was amazing, and I can't believe Mama let us be there. My kids love to go down to the barn and check up on "our" calf. Mark keeps the names of each bloodline separated by their names. Each baby born in this line has a name that starts with "Sun" something. After looking at her today, we are hoping he picks Sunspot, because of the cute white spot on her forehead.

What an exciting day for city kids. And it was especially exciting for a girl who grew up watching baby kittens be born every 4-6 months.

I love it here. LOVE IT. One more week and we're headed home.



  1. SO FUN!!! By the time I was going to call you tonight, I realized it was too late there. :( But I'll definitely have to call this week and hear all about what you're doing! Love you guys! :)

  2. Hi Jen, living in Dunedin we have the Cadbury chocolate factory right in our city but have I ever been there or taken my kids there - the answer would be no! Thanks for prompting me in to getting organised for the next hols to do a tour with the kids. At the moment my kids are all in the North Island with my Dad having an amazing time and allowing me to recover from the surgery. It is school holidays here (winter hols) and this week in Dunedin is Cadbury chocolate week with all sorts of fun activities including a Jaffa race (think chocolate covered balls with orange coating - a NZ icon) being rolled down the steepest street in the world, Baldwin St. You'll have to google it - amazing. Enjoying the updates and seeing a part of USA I haven't yet had the chance to visit. Catherine

  3. I've always wanted to sniff the air in Hershey PA. I hear it's delicious huh?

  4. How COOL that you got to see a calf being born! And fun that you met up with a blog pal.


  5. Well well, apparently the fun never ends around there. See, Mark is just missing the point of the coolness of being there. I'm not sure I coulda watched that whole birthing situation unfold, but glad you all had the opportunity.

  6. It sounds like you have had such a fun adventure!
    And then there has been adventure not necessarily fun....crunched car and grumpy kids.
    BUT they will forget that part. They are going to remember the fun.

    Look forward to all the pix!

  7. I didn't know that you could make your own candy bar in Hershey - how fun is that! (Minus the long wait and cranky kids) And what an adventure watching a new life come into the world - I like the name Sunspot.