Friday, August 17, 2012

Foto Friday--Busy Town

School's been in session over a week now, and we needed to take a little break from all the rigors of academics just to play.

Sam mapped out a city (hours spent playing SimCity have finally paid off!), then, using blue painter's tape, he helped the little boys tape off roads, parking lots, roundabouts, even a racetrack. Since blue tape is designed to be removed without marking the surface or leaving sticky residue, it's totally safe for wood floors.

My big boys were really into Legos when they were small.  Now, however, Legos come in kits with all the pieces to build specific creations.  I think this stifles creativity for one thing, and for another thing--what happens when you (gasp!) lose a piece?  Then you can't recreate it.  With the little boys, I've found that they much prefer plain wood blocks--build whatever your imagination can come up with.  We're pretty old-school around here.

Everyone got in on the building. Dad built the tower, and I built City Hall.
Lily built the school, complete with a playground and flag, while Ben focused on more important matters--a restaurant.

The boys gathered their Star Wars guys and every car from the house to populate the city.

 They also built a hospital (complete with helipad), swimming pool, fire and police stations, and a grocery store.

The boys gathered their Star Wars guys and every car from the house to populate the city.
I love listening to them pretend.  Many sirens in this city.  Many car chases.  Micah even said last night, "There are too many criminals in this town!"

This has been hours of fun, and we were given strict instructions today to leave it alone until they get home from their real school.

The best part--this racetrack stores in the garbage can.  And for $4 worth of blue tape, you can have this track too!

Who knows?  This could occupy them all weekend!  Here's hoping!


  1. This is genius...and so fun! That Sam is a good guy to have around!
    Brady just noticed that he and Hyrum have the same shirt!
    BTW, Hershey was our 2nd best day. ;)

  2. i agree w/ the painters tape idea...

    i sooo need to get some blocks...i am slowly adding more 'things' that reid would like to play w/...i just need to add to my dress up's all girl stuff at the moment...

  3. What a great idea! My kids always loved to play with blocks and Legos that were just generic legos. I played with wooden blocks when I was a kid too - I made barns and stables for my horses. I really love toys that stimulate creativity and imagination. Your kids made a wonderful city!

  4. I love it when the whole family becomes part of the playing!

  5. WOW! That's just all I could think of to say. Wow. That is rather large and involved. Then, my other thought was...holy crap, they have a TON of wood blocks. They built a whole city. And thirdly, that's A LOT of cars. Next, Sam should NEVER leave, because clearly he's the coolest guy EVER! And finally....what a super cool thing to do, as an entire family. How fun for the little kids to get to have Mom and Dad play along. Can I send Max over, I'm sure he'd have a hey day driving his cars around there.

  6. I just love how this ended up being a family activity with everyone chipping in on the city :) Miss catching up with you and your family so I'll be reading a lot about how your summer has been!

  7. this is awesome jen!! we love wooden blocks too.i think hours and hours of fun is definitely in your weekend schedule somewhere.
    have a happy day
    evie's hair is getting so long...she looks so grown up:)

  8. I LOVE that idea! I can see doing that on a weekend, or even some day after school.

  9. How cool is that?

    My kids used to build fortresses with those same kind of blocks and have star wars battles all day long.


  10. i need some painters tape.

    we had those blocks growing up. they were the best. did you find them at costco? i think i saw them there recently...we split them amongst the three of us, then when our brother lost interest, my sister and i crossed out the pen marks his name on them and re-distributed them evenly between the two of us. pretty funny to get them out for my kids now when we go home to my parent's house:)