Monday, August 13, 2012

You Thought the Olympic Games Were Over, Didn't You?

You would be wrong.

Brad and I spent the weekend in San Diego.  It was beautiful.  While we were gone, the Denton Sanatorium caught Olympic fever, spurred by Heidi and Sam who were watching the kids while we were gone.  Enjoy.

Thanks, Sam.  Thanks, Heidi.  And not just for the Olympics.

We get to enjoy their family for the next three weeks!  YAY!


  1. SOOO much about this makes me incredibly happy. I literally just had a big silly grin on my face. Where to start?
    1. Can Sam come and make a super cool movie at my house? That was just amazing.
    2. It should be mentioned that it's 4 bazillion degrees outside and your kids were out running races in it.
    3. Hyrum has some serious "monkey" skillz on those bars.

  2. That was great and I loved the way they cheered Hyrum on in the swimming race. What a fantastic record of how they were at the time of these games. Enjoy having Heidi, Sam and Ellie with you - so grandchild no. 2 is on the way. How exciting. Cath

  3. Great video - it looks like all the kids were in great hands while you and Brad had a nice weekend away! My only question is where is Ben?? Too wimpy to race Lily I bet!

  4. WOW!
    great video jen:)
    that must have been a great welcome home present!!
    have a happy day

  5. That was a great way to start the day, as I head out for work with a smile. The dog in the water cracked me up!

  6. That might have been my favorite post ever!! Thank you for sharing. What fun babystitters! I love the fact that Roxy wanted in on the swimming!!

  7. You've got some great babysitters there...


  8. Love it! I can't believe they did all that for the kids, especially when it was probably 115 out that day! I loved the intros at the beginning the most, and the events were awesome. Way to go Heidi and Sam! (and the athletes get a cheer or two as well)

  9. I smiled through this whole darn cute! Enjoy your time with company!

  10. That was the best Olympics I've ever seen! I especially loved Hyrum's heart, Lily's amazing gymnastics, and Michah's lightning fast swimming relays. Oh, and the dog in the pool. He was awesome too.