Friday, September 28, 2012

Foto Friday--Football

And I'm not talking about this kind of football . . .

 . . . Soccer.  There will be posts about soccer in the future, I'm sure--praising Micah's awesome coach and dissecting the process through which I got drafted to coach Hyrum's team.  Ah, that's a story for another day.

I'm talking about this kind of football . . .
Heritage Heroes football.  Ben "Digger" Denton #5 football.

Going into last night's game, we knew the competition would be tough.
The Panthers' backfield was FAST and SLIPPERY.  First half they managed to avoid most tackles, including this one.
At the half the score was 12-6 Panthers, and our boys had played horribly.

A pep talk/tongue lashing during halftime brought out the team we have grown accustomed to watching.  But was it too late?
Ben played every play on both sides of the ball--48 solid minutes. I've never seen his jersey dirtier.

Down 14-18 with 35 seconds left on the clock, Ben's buddy McKay makes a miraculous catch placing the Heroes less than ten yards from the goal line.

It's fourth and goal, and the quarterback takes the bobbled snap, looks, and throws the ball into the air . . .
. . . and #5 catches it for the winning touchdown.

I may have busted a few buttons at that moment.

It was exciting and stressful and fantastic and fairy tale all at once.

What a night. I love football.

Have a great fall weekend, everyone!


  1. Awesome!!!

    Can't wait to hear about coaching!

  2. I love games like this. Sounds like it was a very entertaining night!

  3. That was an exciting game... I love when it is that close...and we win!

  4. YEAH BEN!!! And to think his first year playing pop warner he never played and he could hardly pay attention! They didn't know what they were missing!

  5. I got goosebumps when I read "...and #5 caught it..." :) My kids (boys and girl) play football too and I know that exact feeling. Love it! :)

  6. Way to go, Number !!!! That must have been a high tension moment!

  7. It doesn't get any better than that Jenny! Congrats to Ben and the whole team. Your play by play made it very exciting!

  8. First off, I love the picture of you with the little cute! And, the football game sounds like one that everyone will always remember! How fun!

  9. Way to go #5!! Very cool!! Congrats to Ben!!