Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Glad That's Over

September used to be my favorite month of the year.

I have a vivid memory of walking around BYU campus during the fall of 1987, first time on my own, feeling the fall chill in the air, watching the leaves turn colors along the Wasatch front.  It was bliss.

September in Arizona is far from blissful.  In fact, it is my least favorite month in the entire year.  You heard me right.  It beats out the sweltering summer by a long shot.

In September, the monsoon retreats, leaving in its wake more mosquitoes than a Florida swamp.  This year has been especially awful.  The stores are all out of mosquito repellant of any kind--I had to resort to Amazon to find some.  One friend posted on her Facebook this morning:  "Does anyone else think the mosquitoes in the East Valley are reaching Biblical plague proportions?"  It's really that bad.  Micah woke up one morning with over fifty bites on his skinny little legs, roiling around and screaming at the overwhelming itchy-ness of it all. (No, we're not very dramatic around here.)

In September, the temperature begins to drop from the 110s of August to the 100s.  When that happens, it does feel cooler, to be sure, but that really isn't cool, is it?

In September, it is still hot in the mornings--hovering around 80.  Yes.  80 degrees when you wake up. Something is just wrong about that, right?

In September, the rest of the world is reveling in changing leaves, crisp mornings and crisper apples.  Our leaves are still very much green, thank you very much, and the crisp apples are still a week away from hitting the shelves.

The rest of the world loves September--the season of change and fall beauty.

I really hate Arizona September.

But we may readdress my attitude come February.  Ah, February.  Now I have something to look forward to!

Welcome, October.  May your temperatures reach only the mid-90s in the day and creep down towards 60 at night.  And may the mosquitoes find happier homes somewhere else!


  1. Yep, by February we'll all be wishing we were in Arizona. :))

  2. Hilarious! And so true! With October comes true hope that the temperatures will soon be enjoyable. That we may actually be able to wear that cute jacket or boots at some point, and open our windows to crisp, clean, cool air. Not quite there yet, but now we can see the light at the end of the long, hot tunnel.

  3. Here I thought the weather had turned so nice lately - then I realized I was calling 100 nice...sigh

    It has been a long summer!

  4. Oh dear - that sounds truly awful, and my heartfelt sympathy regarding the mosquito bites! Have I ever told you that we don't have mosquitoes on southern Vancouver Island? *sorry*!
    Of course you'll be reveling in February when we are deep in cloud and fog and longing for some sunshine! Hang in there - I could send you some repellent ASAP.

  5. Ok. I'll take fall in the west.
    Our mosquitos are pretty much frozen.

  6. That's right. The rest of us hate February, when the cold just keeps going on and on and on.